Eastern Comfort

Can he be fixed?

Can the other recover?

Will one fall in love?

Those are the biggest questions....
The questions that the management
Is now determined to answer.

Their solution.... Girls...

3 girls. Each with a Different past.

5 boys. Who don't want them to be there
In the first place.

1 Contest.

1 Tour.

Most of them just want comfort....right?


1. (Niall)

Chapter 1 (Niall)

"But why?" He pleaded as she slowly, yet lightly got up from the table.
"It's jut not working out.....I'm sorry."
There was no malice showing in her eyes. She looked sincerely sorry. Her face showed all signs of grieving..... He just didn't know why.
Why him?
Why now?
He loved her.
He had been with her for over a year and she suddenly wants to break it off???
"Anna, Please-"
"Niall, don't make this harder than it already is." She pouted as she gathered her things, and slipped on her coat.
THE coat.
The coat he bought her for her birthday last year.
It was designer.
It fit her perfectly, and matched her eyes, which always shone like the sun..... Always.....even now. Her eyes were full of tears. They had yet to spill over but..... They still made his heart hurt like a thousand knifes slamming into his chest.
Even of she wasn't the one who should be hurting...she honestly looked like she was. He was the one who should be hurting....and to be honest... It was more like he was dying inside.
"Why are you crying? He asked as he rose from his seat and took a step toward her.
"Stop.... Niall, please," she took a small step back and put her hands up to stop him, "Don't touch me.... Just..." slightly she cringed as a tear streaked down her own cheek.
Niall couldn't stop himself. He rushed forward and crushed her into a comforting hug.
She didn't resist at all, and held him back.
For the last time.
The smell of her hair wafted into his nose, and he sighed in anguish as he realized......
This might be the last time I embrace her.
The last time I hold her...
But the WON'T be the last time I think of her.... No...I will make that certain.
She quickly let go, and her eyes where ones of loss, "Goodbye, Niall." She muttered as she swiftly turned on her heels and left through the front door.
Never again to come back....
Half of him was hoping that she would come running back through the door to tell him it was all a joke... She was just kidding, and she still loved him... And always will.
But No.
That wasn't going to happen.
It was over.
The famous Niall and Anna was over.
Never again to be in the tabloids as "HOLLYWOODS STAR COUPLE!"
Never again to go to an interview with a smile on his face, knowing he would soon be returning home to one of his favorite people....he would never curl up on the sofa with her and watch re-runs of the soap opera "Hard Hearts" while he played with the ends of her hair and watched her face as she. Reacted to the film..... The cute half smile she formed when she messed up. Or the way she held herself in front if large crowds...
All of it was gone.
It just walked out the front door, and he didn't have the willpower or strength to run after it.
The hopelessness, the loss, had drained him.
Realization swept over him and he stumbled over to the sofa an collapsed into its folds.
He had been waiting on it to come... Expecting it.
And it did.
It came with such a rush of emotion that he started having evil, dreadful thoughts... The breakdown, he noted, had given him the audacity to consider suicide.......
Suicide..... Such a rash word...
He knew that he could never do it. His mates needed him to much. Just... The pain... It was almost to much. He silently wiped his face with the back of his hand.
She was his everything.
His all.
He never considered life without her, and now there was a void.
A place in his life that was now empty and full of dread.
He slid his hand into his pocket and slipped out his cell. He fervently surfed the contacts and found the number he was looking for. He hit call and lifted it to his ear.
"Hey, Nialler what's up?"
"Liam," Niall faltered as the dread swept over him once more. His eyes washed over again, and when he spoke you could hear the sons buried in his voice, "Liam, I need you to come over."
"Is there-"
"Just come over." Niall sobbed, as he hung up and threw his phone against the wall.
It's over.

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