Was this happening to me

The day was here Heidi was going to the one direction concert with her friends, they arrived an the concert started, She never expected to be one of the luckiest girls in the world


8. waiting

The show was almost over but it felt like forever I couldnt wait to see Harry and the boys again. After 1 hour the show was finally over I went backstage and Harry greeted me by saying "I'm glad you came" "Why wouldnt I come" I asked "Because I thought you would be one of those fans that was going to scream or faint but you weren't".


We talked for about 3 hours I looked at my Phone and told him my mum was waiting or me "Ok well bye Heidi I will miss you when I go back to England" he with a sad look on his perfect face "Me too" I said sadly. "WAIT!" he screamed heres my number don't tell anyone but I want you to call me tonight to let me know you're safe and happy" "Ofcourse do you want my number?" I askedhoping for a yes "YES please" he said with excitement. "I love you" he said faintly "Pardon" I asked "Oh nothing I just said bye" "Ok bye Harry".

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