Was this happening to me

The day was here Heidi was going to the one direction concert with her friends, they arrived an the concert started, She never expected to be one of the luckiest girls in the world


10. Text him or not

Heidi's POV

I straight away ran upstairs to my bedroom when I got home, I through on my pyjamas and looked at my phone and scrolled down my contacts and looked at Harry's number to see if this wasn't a dream if he actually gave me his number. WOW it was real, I kept thinking to myself should I text him or not? "I am so confused I think I love him but what if he doesn't love or like me back!" I told myself. Then I did it I texted him saying "hi Harry it's me Heidi from the concert I think I love you not like love! What should I do you probably don't remember me but I thought I should let you know :] bye" Than I fell asleep and dreamed about him wow I was really in love
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