Was this happening to me

The day was here Heidi was going to the one direction concert with her friends, they arrived an the concert started, She never expected to be one of the luckiest girls in the world


12. I need him

Heidi's POV

I woke up to my alarm ringing I checked my phone to make sure I wasn't dreaming and I had one new message and it was from Harry I immediately read it and cried I need him I can't let him go I love him and he loves me I have to see him I thought to myself. It was 10am he was leaving at 12pm I need to get ready to see him I need to find him "mum take me to the airport I need to see someone" I yelled trying not to cry "ok let's go in 10 minutes" she replied. I was ready I ran downstairs and mum said "who do you need to see that is so important" "someone I love" I yelled "lets just go now mum" I said irritated
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