Was this happening to me

The day was here Heidi was going to the one direction concert with her friends, they arrived an the concert started, She never expected to be one of the luckiest girls in the world


1. Finally!

Heidi's POV
"Yes!" I screamed waking everybody up, "The One Direction Concert is today" "Aren't you a bit to old for a One Direction concert" My brother said "Aren't you a bit to old for Action figures jake" I said sarcastically, " But I'm not an eighteen year old going to a one direction concert am I" jake replied, " ugh I'm going downstairs for breakfast so get out of my room" I screamed. Mum was looking at me and said "don't be rude to your brother Heidi" "w-what he was saying I was a bit to old for the one direction concert MUM!!" I yelled angrily "just sit down and eat your breakfast" mum said. "Fine" I yelled with a irritated look on my face.
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