Was this happening to me

The day was here Heidi was going to the one direction concert with her friends, they arrived an the concert started, She never expected to be one of the luckiest girls in the world


14. Couldn't go anymore

I couldn't run anymore I had bruises everywhere and I think I broke a rib but I had to keep going Harry said he loved me I need to say goodbye. I got to the airport and tried running through the tough crowds of girls crying and and singing and yelling it was my worst nightmare I will never be able to find Harry in this crowd I couldn't yell because girls would think I was Huge fan and yell with me and I would never find Harry so I had to do the unthinkable I had to pretend to faint so people would move and I could find Harry easily. I fainted and sure enough people moved and helped me I told them I was fine after 10 minutes and I made my way to the chairs and tables I stop up on the table and saw Harry my heart skipped a beat
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