Barely Breathing

"The day before your whole life changes forever, feels just like any other day"
Alison was just a girl. She just transferred schools, getting that fresh start she wanted since she was 12. But at that school, she found what she least expected. Friends. She hasn't ever really had a friend before. She had her flaws, like being afraid of the dark, and being alone. But, she was also afraid of love. That's where she's different, all of the girls in school are dreaming of love. Not Ali. Another flaw, her dad left when she was 12. She still hears her moms cries at night. She became popular, keeping her past a secret. That is, until, her little brother Kyle drowned while at the beach- when Ali was supposed to be watching him. She's devastated. But then, Louis comes along. Everyone has to face their fears, right? What happens when Louis falls for Ali but she turns him down? Will he give up or stick around for the fight?


5. Important!! Co-Author!!

Sorry I haven't been updating, I've been working on other stories I'm going to publish soon. I feel like I'm stuck for this story, I know where I want to go, I just don't know how to get there. You know? 

Writer's block.

It's only for this story, too. So, I think I may need a co-author. 

If no one is interested,I understand, but if you are, please comment. 

I could really use the help.

But I only need one, so if more than one wants to, I'm sorry if I don't choose you. But I'll be sure to let you help me with another story if your interested. 

Anyway, thank you for reading this, please feel free to comment!! 


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