Barely Breathing

"The day before your whole life changes forever, feels just like any other day"
Alison was just a girl. She just transferred schools, getting that fresh start she wanted since she was 12. But at that school, she found what she least expected. Friends. She hasn't ever really had a friend before. She had her flaws, like being afraid of the dark, and being alone. But, she was also afraid of love. That's where she's different, all of the girls in school are dreaming of love. Not Ali. Another flaw, her dad left when she was 12. She still hears her moms cries at night. She became popular, keeping her past a secret. That is, until, her little brother Kyle drowned while at the beach- when Ali was supposed to be watching him. She's devastated. But then, Louis comes along. Everyone has to face their fears, right? What happens when Louis falls for Ali but she turns him down? Will he give up or stick around for the fight?


4. Chapter 4

I watched Carrie walk off over to Bea until Hannah came up to me. 

"Hey Alison!" I diverted my attention over to the smiling Hannah in front of me. I smiled back. "What's your next class?" 

"Math, you?" She got more excited. "Same!" She took my wrist and dragged me into the class. I sighed sitting in the back behind Immy. Her eyes lit up when she saw me. 

"Ali! What's up?"

"Hey Immy," I replied. 

The rest of the class I tried to pay attention to Mrs. Wright while Immy kept attempting to talk to me. It was a good thing I already knew most of the stuff. When class was finally over I picked up my books and rushed to my next class. At least in this class, it's only me. Carrie and Bea are here but they obviously don't like me anymore. I think Louis is in this class, too. I'm not sure.

I love this class. Drama. I sat next to Carrie and a boy named Stan. Stan was more of the class clown, or at least that's what Hannah said. She said he's okay to talk to but not to date. Hannah never said anything about Carrie... she said Bea was a nerd, and not to talk to her. But she never mentioned Carrie. 

"Okay, I'm going to put you in groups for this project. I want Amber, Jerome, Morgan, and James for group one. Stan, Carrie, Alison, Tess and Louis for group two. Bea..." Miss Smith continued naming names to go to groups. I walked over my designated group and watched Carrie argue with Miss Smith, probably about me, and finally gave up, walking over to us with her head down.

"So what are we supposed to do again?" I asked, since I wasn't really paying attention because Stan was making jokes. 

"Come up with a short film. It has to be no more than 15 minutes long but more than 5" Tess replied. I nodded and asked what genre. 

"It doesn't matter." I started thinking. What could we do? 

"Comedy!" Stan said, throwing his arms up. Everyone shook their heads and he looked down. 

"Romance?" Carrie asked, making sure not to look at me. 

"No, let's make a horror film!" Louis said, getting excited. 

"Yeah!" Stan agreed. Tess and Carrie refused. 

"Romance!" They said, simultaneously. 

"How about a horror and romance film?" I suggested, everyone's eyes turning to me. Even Carrie. They all nodded.

"Great! So, what do we do next?" I wish I would have been paying attention. 

"Tell Miss Smith, get our camera from her, then write the script and make the film." I nodded, it sounded reasonable. 

"Who's playing the lovers?" Stan asked, looking at all of us. I looked down, I really don't want to play anybody's love mate. But, of course, they're going to pick me. I just know it. 

"Louis and Alison!" Tess said. I knew it. "You two look perfect together!" Louis and I both blushed. I shook my head. "I think Carrie should play it." She looked at me disbelievingly. I nodded. "I'm a horrible actress." I lied. I'm probably the best out of us, saying I was in many plays and a commercial when I was ten. 

"How about we audition the two of you?" Tess suggested. We both shrugged. 

"Carrie get's to go first, though." I smirked. This way, if she's bad, I'll do good. If she's good, I'll do bad.

"Now that we have that, what should it be about?" I started thinking about all the possibilities. Vampires? Werewolves? Serial Killer? Zombies? Ghosts? 

"How long do we have?" I asked, I know I can come up with a good idea but I'll need time. 

"Until next Tuesday so seven says." Tess answers, everyone else deep in thought. 

"Let's all sleep on it, and the best one is the one we'll use?" They all looked up and nodded. Just then, the bell rang. Hmm... that class went by pretty fast. I got up and started towards the door but Louis stops me. 

"Yes?" I ask anxiously. I really just want to go to music.

"Um, let me walk you. We're both going to music anyway." I sighed, letting him walk me to class. 

"So, what are you doing later?" I looked over at him, a beautiful smile playing on his lips and his gorgeous blue eyes twinkling with happiness and passion. He was completely gorgeous. I looked back in front of me as we walked down the crowded hallway's. 

"Pretty much just picking up my brother and being bored." He nodded.

"Do you want to do something later?" I looked at him for a second. Is he asking me on a date? I couldn't answer him because the late bell rang. 

"Crap." I mumbled, running to the doors for music class. I reached the doors and looked back at Louis who was jogging towards me. His brown hair playing with the wind and his smile was replaced with a straight line showing no emotion. It was kind weird, but still attracting. 

I opened the door and everyone turned to Louis and I as we quietly went to sit down. I sat in the front while he stayed in the back. "Nice of you to join us" Miss Rachel said, smiling at me. I shyly smiled back and she got on with the class. We didn't do much today, just some vocal exercises and we each got assigned a song to sing for the singing test on Thursday. I was supposed to sing 'Realize' by Colbie Caillat. Easy. 

The rest of the school day was a drag, really. Once I got home I decided to check on that video Kyle uploaded. 

I grabbed my laptop going to the video's page. Kyle used my account, and I have no idea how he even go my information for the account, but he did. My jaw dropped. It had over two-million views. Two-million! I looked through the comments again and everyone was asking me to do another one. Maybe...? Oh, what the heck! 

I set up camera on its tripod and sat on the end of the bed. I clicked record on the camera and waved. 

"Hello! I'm Alison! So, I got a lot of good reviews on my, uh, cover of Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson and I decided to make another video!" I smiled in the camera. It's weird talking to a camera, it feels like I'm talking to myself, which I pretty much am. 

"I'm going to sing..." I didn't think about what I was going to sing! I turned my head and looked around, I spotted my guitar and reached down picking it up. Just then the perfect song came to mind. I strummed the guitar a few times, perfectly matching the melody. I started singing. 


"Yeah, Yeah

What you got if you ain't got love 
The kind that you just want to give away
It's ok to open up
Go ahead and let the light shine through
I know it's hard on a rainy day
You wanna shut the world out and just be left alone
But don't run out on your faith"  

"Cause sometimes that mountain you've been climbing
Is just a grain of sand
And what you've been out there searching for forever
Is in your hands And when you figure out love is all that matters after all
It sure makes everything else seem
So small"  

"It's so easy to get lost inside
A problem that seems so big at the time
It's like a river that's so wide it swallows you whole
While you're sitting around thinking about what you can't change"  

"And worrying about all the wrong things
Time's flying by, moving so fast
You better make it count cause you can't get it back"  

"Sometimes that mountain you've been climbing
Is just a grain of sand
And what you've been out there searching for forever Is in your hands
Oh, and when you figure out love is all that matters after all
It sure makes everything else seem
So small, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah""  

"Sometimes that mountain you've been climbing
Is just a grain of sand
And what you've been out there searching for forever Is in your hands
Ohh, and then you figure out love is all that matters after all
It sure makes everything else... 
Oh, it sure makes everything else seem
So small  

Yeah, yeah"     

I looked up at the camera, smiling brightly. "That was So Small by Carrie Underwood." I explained, putting the guitar back on the floor. "Um, leave song suggestions in the comments and I'll do another cover next week. Yeah? OK. Bye!" I waved to the camera once more then turned it off. 


"Alison! Come down here! We're leaving now!" My mom called from downstairs. We were going out to eat with her boss and co-workers along with their children. My mom insisted Kyle and I dress nicely since we were going to an expensive fancy restaurant. I put on a light blue, mid-thigh dress that fitted my curves perfectly. I threw on some silver heels and had my hair naturally wavy, letting it flow a little past my shoulders. I took one final look in the mirror as I always do and trotted down the stairs, gripping my silver hand bag at my side. 

"You ready?" I nodded and we walked out to the car. 

"Shotgun!" Kyle yelled, attempting to get the front seat. 

"Huh-uh! I'm older!" I pushed him aside and he let out a defeated huff, getting in the backseat. I strapped my seat-belt on and my mom started to drive.

The car ride was pretty quiet. When we arrived at the restaurant, I was merely shocked by the beautiful interior of the place. It was breathtaking. The most shocking was the room we had. Her boss must have gone through a lot for this, I mean he even got us a private room far-off from other customers. My eyes were filled with awe, and my mouth remained agape. 

We sat at the long table, it looked like he was expecting a lot of people. We were the first to come, other than the boss and his two children. He had a son and a daughter, both looked really young. More and more people filed in with their kids, and the table was filling but it wasn't quite full yet. One family came in with what looked like a single mom, four daughters and a son. Wait- is that Louis? Oh my gosh, it is him! How is it that every where I go he shows up? His family even sat right across from us. I hid my face but it wouldn't work if he sat directly in front of me- which he did. Luckily, he hasn't noticed me yet, he's too busy looking down at his phone. 

"Mom." I whispered to my mom, who was sitting next to me talking to one of her co-workers. 

"Mom." I whispered again in hopes she'd listen to me. She shooed me off, ignoring me. 

"Mom!" I whisper-shouted to get her attention. She snapped back, glaring at me with those evil eyes of hers as if saying 'can't you see I'm busy?' 

"Can I go to the bathroom?" She narrowed her eyes at me, looking like I was stupid or something. 

"Why did you ask? Of course you can." I nodded and left. She would say that, too. If I got up and just went, she would have yelled. You can never win with her.

I walked out of the private room and searched for a bathroom. I have never seen a restaurant this big, ever. Where the heck would the bathroom be? Do they even have one?

I walked around a little more, but unfortunately had no luck whatsoever. I turned around and started walking back to the private room. 

"Excuse me?" I man came up to me, panicking-like. "I'm sorry to bother you but we need live entertainment and my son said he knew you and you can sing. Please, we are desperate!" I was in utter and complete shock. I can't just leave the guy on the verge of being jobless. But who is his son and how does he know I can sing?

"I- um, who's your son?" He pointed to masculine jock looking kid whom I have never seen before. Maybe the kid is just mistaken? "I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong girl. I really have to get back to my family..." I pointed to the room behind me, implying that they were waiting on me. 

"Wait!" He held me back a minute and motioned to his son to come over here. He stood up, and started walking towards us. He was tall. Like 6 feet tall. Compared to me, anyway. 

"Julian, you said you know her?" 

"Well, I've never met her but she was on YouTube. Alison, right?" He narrowed his eyes at me and I nodded. I knew those videos would get me into trouble. Just my luck, too. I sighed deeply and looked back at the door to the room I was supposed to be in. My mom is so going to kill me. 

"Fine, I'll do it." The man cheered and led me to the stage. 

"Wait! What am I going to sing?" I stopped him before he could push me on stage. 

"I don't care, there's a piano there and a guitar backstage. Can you play?" I nodded, grabbing the guitar and he pushed me on the stage, causing me to stumble forward and have all the eyes in the room look at me. I shyly smiled and waved, grabbing the mic from the stand and turning it on. 

"Hi, I'm Alison and uh, I'm going to sing for you." They all clapped un-surely, probably wondering who I was and if I'd be any good. I took a deep breath and sat on the stool in the middle of the stage, setting the guitar on my knee and gently strumming the notes to 'Bubbly' by Colbie Caillat. 

When I finished the song, I had completely forgot where I was. The audience applauded, snapping me back into reality and I smiled, walking off the stage. The man came out with a huge grin on his face. It stretched across his whole face, it was quite the creepy sight.

He walked over to me, and embraced me in a hug. I stood there awkwardly until he finally let go. "Thank you so much! That was amazing, how can I ever repay you?" I giggled and shook my head. 

"Um, that's not necessary. But, may I go back to my dinner?" I nodded ad I walked past him and sauntered to the room, hoping to get there without being stopped this time. But no, never will that happen.

"Wait! We need an entertainer for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. Consider it, maybe? They really liked you." I looked at him for a moment. He really wanted me to perform here three days a week. 

"It pays, too. Just let me know before you leave tonight. Just ask for Rick." Then he walked away, leaving me to my own thoughts. Performing here, where a whole bunch of rich people eat and possibly famous people? I'm bound to embarrass myself. I just know it. I walked back into the room, and everybody was zoned in their own little side conversations. I snuck back into my seat and noticed Louis wasn't there. Hm? Maybe he got sick and left? One could only hope... that he left! Not that he got sick! I'm not that mean...

"Where were you?" My mom snapped, sending daggers at me with her eyes. 

"I got lost." I realized I had never found the bathrooms... She just shook her head and turned back to her conversation. Just then, someone's shadow stood in front of me, sitting down in the seat across from me. I looked up and saw Louis with an evil grin spread across his face. 

"Hey Alison!" He waved like a little kid. I rolled my eyes and looked at the time. 

"So, you were great out there. I love that song, Bubbly right?" My head shot up and Louis was now smirking. My eyes widened. He saw that? 

"W-w... how?" I stumbled for words. Oh god, I'm seriously having the worst luck today. He nodded, still smirking. The boss started hitting his wine glass with his spoon, making the whole room go quiet. He cleared his throat and began speaking in a really deep voice. You could tell he was a strict boss. 

"First off, I would like to thank you all for coming. As you know, this is our tenth year of productive business. We would like to acknowledge all of the designers and workers who make this possible. This company wouldn't work without you!" My mom works as a fashion designer, I guess it's always been a hobby of hers and she finally found a job for it. 

"I am here to announce our new manager, Ms. Winters?" My mom smiled and waved. 

"Hi everyone." They all mumbled hello's and waited for the boss to continue. 

"Tomorrow you will be off but Thursday I want you back at 6 a.m. sharp. I hope you all enjoy your evenings and I will see you Thursday morning. Goodbye." He left the room and everyone returned the their conversations. I wonder why my mom got the job so quick? I better not think too much on it. I'll just end up wearing myself out.

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