Barely Breathing

"The day before your whole life changes forever, feels just like any other day"
Alison was just a girl. She just transferred schools, getting that fresh start she wanted since she was 12. But at that school, she found what she least expected. Friends. She hasn't ever really had a friend before. She had her flaws, like being afraid of the dark, and being alone. But, she was also afraid of love. That's where she's different, all of the girls in school are dreaming of love. Not Ali. Another flaw, her dad left when she was 12. She still hears her moms cries at night. She became popular, keeping her past a secret. That is, until, her little brother Kyle drowned while at the beach- when Ali was supposed to be watching him. She's devastated. But then, Louis comes along. Everyone has to face their fears, right? What happens when Louis falls for Ali but she turns him down? Will he give up or stick around for the fight?


2. Chapter 2

A/N** OK so, just to explain so you understand. Louis is 15, so this is before the X-Factor. And I tried adding up his sisters ages too. Just please remember this is a fan fiction, meaning these are FICTION. Some people still think it's real. Which is kinda stupid, no offense. But yes, it is based on real people but I am just reminding you. Well, enjoy this! :)) And please favorite, like, and COMMENT!! Thank you guys!!!

"Hey ma! I'm home!" I yelled, slumping on to the couch in the living room. My mom came into the living room drying a dish. She must be finishing the dishes... "How was your first day? Make any friends?" She walked back into the kitchen and I got up and followed her. "Yeah, actually. I'm going shopping with some girls later." 

"Shopping? But I thought you hated shopping?" She reached up and put the bowl she was drying in the cupboard. "I do, but I can learn to like it. Besides, these are the popular girls we're talking about. Maybe this year I can be heard." 

"Okay sweetie, but even if they are the popular girls, don't change who you are just to please them. Being popular isn't worth that." I sighed. She has no idea. "I won't mom."

"Okay, then I hope you have fun! What time are you going?" I looked at the time on my phone. "She said around five so maybe two and a half hours?" She smiled. "Okay, but don't forget you have to pick up Kyle at three." I nodded and went upstairs. I still had to unpack some boxes, but I really just haven't been in the mood.

I flopped down on my bed and lazily looked up at the white ceiling. My room actually wasn't so bad. It represented me. The ceiling is a white color while the walls are a shade of ocean blue. My queen sized bed has a black and white zebra print bedspread. Beside the bed is a night stand, with a blue lamp. The carpet is the color of the walls with a zebra rug. If you couldn't already tell, I like blue and zebra print. In front of my bed is a big LG flat screen TV. A walk in closet is in the corner accompanied by a big window with zebra curtains. Next to the door, is a dresser, and on the back of the door is a full-sized mirror. And in my closet was a pretty blue vanity. It had a chair to sit in and on it had my make up and jewelry. And a mirror that showed me my shoulders to the top of my head. My room was very cozy and inviting.

I reached for the remote on the night stand and watched the screen light up and turn to life. I flipped through the many channels we have, but nothing is on. I sighed and took out my laptop from under the bed. I got this for my birthday last year, with a zebra print Skin-It which had my name written in pink cursive letters. I opened it up, and realized I have no life whatsoever. Yet, anyway.  I decided on watching YouTube videos and listening to music until it was time to get Kyle from school. 

When I got to the school to pick up Kyle, I immediately spot him talking to a girl. It was so cute, since he's only seven. He saw me staring and ran over to me, jumping in my arms for a hug. I spun him around then set him down, ruffling his hair. He slapped my hands away.  

"Don't mess up my hair!" I brought me hands up in defense, laughing at his silliness. "So, Kyle, who's your friend over there?" I pointed over to the girl who he was talking to. "That's Fizzy!" He said, waving to her. She waved back then went back to looking around.

"Does she need a ride or something? Do you know?" I asked him. She looked scared, like maybe someone forgot about her. "I don't know, let's go ask!" He dragged me over to her, and she stopped looking around and looked up at me. 

"Hi, Fizzy, I'm Ali, Kyle's sister." I smiled nicely at her. "Oh, hi. I'm Fizzy" She said shyly. She was adorable. "Is your mom coming to get you?" I asked, concerned. She looked about the same age as Kyle, maybe a year older? "No, my brother is supposed to." She said, looking around for him. "He's probably about your age." She added. Which means he's walking because he obviously wouldn't have his license yet... maybe he's just running late. "How about we stay here until he get's you?" She nodded then took one last look around then started playing around with Kyle. I smiled and giggle at how cute they are. 

"Cute, huh?" I jumped and turned around. Louis? "Louis, what are you doing here?" I said, looking at him confused. "Picking up my little sister." I thought about it for a second. "Try being on time next time, she looked scared. You should really try to be more responsible when it comes to kids." I said, I don't know why I was being so snappy but you can't just leave a little girl stranded. 

He looked at me, both surprised and confused. "Fizzy's your sister, right?" I asked, he nodded slowly. "I think my brother has a thing for her." I pointed to the two kids chasing each other, laughing. It was really adorable. He smiled, and his eyes twinkled. Now, that was cute.

"LOUIS!" Fizzy exclaimed, noticing him standing there. She ran up to him and leaped into his arms. He kissed her head and set her back down. Kyle walked over here and stood behind me. He's usually not that shy, but sometimes he is. I don't know with him. 

Fizzy stopped hugging Louis and turned to me and Kyle. She and Kyle hugged then, surprisingly, she hugged me too. I'm not trying to sound full of myself or anything, but kids always love me. I hugged her then waved goodbye.

"Wait, where's my goodbye hug?" Louis asked, with adorable puppy-dog eyes. I laughed and rolled my eyes. "Bye Louis" I turned around and started walking with Kyle back home. "You like Louis!" He coo'd. I shook my head and laughed. "You like Fizzy!" I mocked his high-pitched voice. "Do not." He pouted, crossing his arms. I laughed even harder. 

I don't really like Louis, I just think he's cute. Sue me. I'm a girl. I'm going to check out guys. But he's obviously a jerk and irresponsible. I could never like a guy like that, no matter how dreamy his eyes are. Or how his voice was sweet and velvety, like chocolate, memorizing with each syllable. But like I said, he seems like he's full of himself, and as the saying goes, a leopard can't change his spots. 

We walked into the house to be greeted by my mom. "Hi, guys. How was school today Kyle?" I took this as my cue to go. I should probably get ready for the mall anyway. I bounced up the steps and went back into my room. I looked at the clock and it was already four. I was meeting them at the mall at five, and it takes twenty minutes to get there so I have forty minutes to get ready. Now, normally I'd throw on a t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans but, if these are popular's I should look nice. I opened my closet and looked at the various amounts of different clothes. We may not be rich, but we have a lot of money. Well, Kyle and I do. My dad sends up money, pity money. But, I don't mind having a few bucks to spend. Besides, can't let good money like that go to waste. 

I went through the clothes on the hangers and decided on my loose short-sleeve turquoise shirt, with silver glitter plastered all over the front and my darker, greenish-blue skinny jeans with stylish rips on the thighs. I put turquoise leggings on underneath so my skin didn't show. I wore my naturally wavy, golden blonde hair down. It went down past my shoulders. I walked over to the vanity and sat down, I put on some natural looking makeup. Since my skin was already perfectly toned, I didn't need much concealer. I put on some light blush and darkened my eyes with eyeliner and mascara so they stood out a little more. I did some last touches and went to the accessories. I put some sunglasses on the top of my head, even though it wasn't very sunny, they had some rhinestones on them. I put on my clingy metal bracelets and picked the ones to match my outfit. I finished it with my silver heart locket, that I wear everywhere I go. It was my grandma's. She passed away when I was only ten. Kyle never got to really know her. He was only two. 

I looked on last time in my full sized mirror, twirling around a couple times. I didn't look like myself. I looked like a stuck up rich girl, but at least I looked pretty. I had just enough time to get to the mall, but I might be a little late. I grabbed my purse and went back down stairs. The mall wasn't that far- if you drive. It was a twenty minute walk. I went down stairs and slipped into my black hoodie. 

"Bye mom!" I yelled, stepping out the door. It felt colder, but the sun was shining brighter. Weird. I put my sunglasses over my eyes and started walking. I only know where the mall is because my mom drove me there when we first came. I sort of remember the way. God help me please, I really don't want to get lost. I am not one to get lost, but one time I went to Disneyland and I was walking with my dad but I saw Ariel. I had to go, she was and always will be my favorite princess. And that's how I got lost. I hate the feeling of not knowing where you are, and if you'll ever see you family again or anything like that. It even pains my to think of. I mean, I could get stolen, raped, jumped. Anything could happen. It's a cruel world. We all know it, too. 

I walked into the mall, instantly feeling relieved from the cold. I put down my hood and slipped out of my jacket. I looked around for any sight of Immy or Caitlyn. It was dark in here... oh right. I took off my shades and waited for my eyes to adjust to the sudden change of lighting. Once my vision was clear, I took another look around. I could make out a figure that looked like Immy. I began walking towards her. 

"Funny seeing you here." I snapped my head back to see Louis staring at me. "Whoa, you look... hot." I shook my head. I couldn't help but blush a little but I hid it with my hair. "Hello Tomlinson, goodbye Tomlinson." I turned around and walked over to the girls. It seemed like they were staring at me but once I turned they seemed like they just were talking. I must be over-thinking this. I shook off what Louis said, he probably didn't mean it. I stepped up to Immy and Caitlyn who were with a girl I hadn't met yet. 

"Hey." I said, keeping my cool. "Hey Ali, I'm Hannah." I smiled, waiting for them to say something. "Well, let's not just stand here and let's get to shopping!" Hannah said happily. Shopping. My enemy. 

~Hannah's Point of View~

"Hey, Hannah! There she is!" Immy said excitedly, pointing at a beautiful blonde girl talking to someone. Wait- is she talking to Louis? Oh, no. That won't work. He's looking at her like she's a god. Well, she seems like she'd fit in with us. She sure is pretty enough. And, if she wants to fall for Louis, I will warn her. If she doesn't listen, then she'll just get hurt. So, who cares? Not me. She turned from Louis looking annoyed. Maybe I won't have to worry about that after all. 

When she reached us, she said a quiet "Hey," obviously nervous. That's good. "Hey Ali, I'm Hannah." I said, she just smiled and waited for us to say something. She was actually extremely pretty. Pretty enough to over-throw me. But, I won't consider her as a threat, because I'd willingly let her take my place, why? What I didn't tell the girls was, I'm moving. To America. There needs to be a new leader, and I was leaning on Caitlyn, but Alison, Alison was perfect. "Well, let's not just stand here and let's get to shopping!" I said, standing up. They all followed behind me except Alison, who stood right beside me. I like her, she's not that afraid. 

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