the deed is done

Will I ever find my self in this world, or is It already to late ?


1. The Deed is Done



 I dream of a life far from home,

no one to tell me who, what, or where I must go.

I would like to be home I really do,

but all I have left is me and you.

I lost my friends, my family, and puppy too,

and now I must do what I need to do.

I had to much pain to handle on my own,

your the only reason I was never alone.

I gave up my future, my present,and even my past,

because tonight will be my final task.

what I say to the world and all around is the people 

 of my town please don't cry for I am here to say good- bye. 

I will not be back for I must go the plans lay simple instead my head,

for I will say one little world that when you find me I'll already be dead.

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