Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


31. Who are you

Harry's pov:

I have not left Vicki's side once. Bridget and Niall were in the room with me. "Harry she will be fine. Vicki is strong." Bridget said to me. "Mate Bridget is right" Niall said. "Ya" I said, but I didn't belive it. "Harry do you need anything" Bridget asked me. "No" I said  holding Vicki hand. "Ok me and Bridget are going to go get food" Niall said as he grabbed Bridgets hand. They wern't dating yet, but i could tell they soon will be dating. Hopfull Niall can protect Bridget. Unlike how I proteced vicki. I decied to go outside and get some freash air. I kissed vicki on the lips. But I didn't notice because of the tears was her fingers were moving. I slowly stared to walk out of the room. When I heard a "ow." I turned back to see vicki moving. "Harry" she said and I could hear her pain. Her eyes wern't open yet. "DOCTER, NURSE, CLAIRE" I shouted from the room. They ran in and saw Vicki moving. "WE NEED MORE DOCTORS" Claire shouted.  I was worried "WHATS GOING ON" I said to Claire over all the noise. "HARRY YOU NEED TO GET OUT. IM SORRY" Claire shouted over the noise. I was pushed out by some doctors. "Harry whats going on" Andrew said as he was running towards me. I just stood there taking in every thing. "HARRY WHATS GOING ON" Angie shouted. "She moved" I said with a smile of hope. "What is that good. Is it good because im not sure. There is alot of doctors running in and out." Angie said worried. "I belive it is" I said, but now i wasn't sure. The others come running over. "Whats going on" Bridget almost crying. I told them everything. Just then claire come out. "You guys before you go in there. There is somthing I should tell you." Claire said crying alittle bit. "What" Angie said crying. I stated to cry alittle bit. "She-she wont rember any of you. but you two" She said pointing to Veronica and CJ. "What, No" Vanessa said crying. "You guys can go see her, but if she gets scared you need to leave." Claire said crying. I Walked towards the door followed by the others. I walked in there and saw Vicki looking out the window. "Hi Vicki" Angie said walking towards her. "Who-who-who are you" Vicki said backing away. "I'm Angie im a friend. Well more like a sister" Angie said crying. Vicki looked at Veronica and CJ. She ran over to them and said "You guys who are thease people where my mom and dad." They almost started to cry at the thought of there aunt and uncle gone "Vicki i'm Harry rember me" I said walking towards her, "Im in one direction, but most impotantly im you boyfriend" I said finishing my sentance. "I-Im sorry I dont" She said hiding more behind CJ. I felt bad my own girlfriend was hiding from me.

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