Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


3. the kiss

Harry's pov 

I ran to tell the boys i would be back but when i went to niall's and liam's hotal room no one was there. I heard a noise then a "shhhh." I quickly turned around and no one was there then a heard a "BOO" i jumped and turned around. it was the lads trying to scare me. they were joking about my face. I just said "ill be right back im going to get a friend." "Can we come" liam asked. "Is  it a boy or a girl?" louis said with a wink. I rolled my eyes but i said "girl her names victoria."  "You better go you dont want  to keep victoria waitting" niall laughed. he reminded me she was waitting so i shouted see you guys later and called the limo over.

victoria's pov:

I was waitting for harry and i saw my ex. He walked over to me and said "Im sorry i feel so stupid." I didn't know what to say "Please talk to me" he said as he lifted my chin so my eyes met his. I pulled away and said "Im sorry i can't get my heart broken again." Right after i said that a limo pulled up and the window rolled down. When the window was all the way down  Harry said "you getting in or not." I smiled and said "Ya hold on." I looked at my ex and said "Bye" then i hopped in the limo.

Harry's pov:

There was that guy again. "Who was that" i asked vicki. she looked down and said "He was my boyfriend he dumped me today... that's what was wrong." I could see a tear fall down her cheek. I wiped the tear from her cheek. She looked at me her beautiful brown eyes. I could only see one of her eyes because the other was covered by he hair. "Your so beautifull" i said to her as i pushed her hair behind her ear. I kissed her i meant to kiss her on the cheek but she turned to say somthing and i ended up kissing her on the lips. I felt a spark it felt like fireworks where going off. "Im sorry" I said to her. She looked at me and said with a smile "Dont be." she kissed me back but before where knew it we were back at the hotel.  Before we got out vicki said "I should tell you somthing" i could see a frown on her face. "what is it you can tell me anything" i said as i looked into her eyes and i saw a tear about to fall down her cheek. she looked away and said "We shouldn't be together i feel bad about kissing you back." She didn't look back at me "why cant we be together?" i asked her. "Im three years younger then you" she said to me as she turned her head and looked at me. Her eyes full of tears. I didn't care, but she looked older so it became alittle shock to me. "I dont care we can still be togather" I said as I wiped her tears then i kissed her one more time before we went in to the hotel.



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