Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


15. the kiss that wasn't meant to be

Harry's pov:

As soon as we got on the plain I sat down next to Vicki. "You ok love" I said making sure she was ok about leaving her family. "Ya im fine" she said looking at her phone. I put my arm around her and said "Things are going to be ok." She looked up and a tear was falling slowly down her cheek. I looked down at her phone and there was a picture I think it was of her dad and her when she was little. "I'm going to miss him alot harry" vicki said putting her head on my chest, "I know, I will be there if you need me. I will always be there for you." I said holding her tight. "Vicki, Angie needs your help." Vanessa said walking up to us. "Ok" Vicki said getting up. As Vicki walked away Vanessa sat down next to me. "We really havn't talked, and If your datting on of my bestfriends im going to have to get to know you." Vanessa said with a small laugh. "Well I know your name is Vanessa and you go to school with vicki." I said because thats all i thought of. "Ya I want you to tell me about your self, because I know not every thing I hear is true." Vanessa said with a smile. I wanted Vicki to come back as soon as she can. I still felt somthing between vanessa and me. It chould not be love it chould not be love i kept repeating in my mind. I was staring into Vanessa eyes. A hair fell in frount of her face so i pushed it back and before i knew it she kissed me. As I pulled away I saw Vicki. "Vicki it's not what it looks like." I said as i stood about to run to her not caring that we were on a plain. "I-I-I.." she did not finish what she was saying she run into the bathroom and locked the door. Vanessa and I ran to the bathroom door. "Vicki it was my falt I kissed him im sorry" Vanessa said crying. "Love im so sorry" I said. The lads, Angie and Bridget came out. "Whats going on" Angie said as she run to the door. "Please everyone leave me alone" Vicki cryed. "Vicki please come out and tell us whats wrong" Bridget said. "I'll come out, But please leave me alone ill tell you when we get to the hotel." Vicki said as she tryed to calm her self. "Ok" every elss but Vanessa and me said. Vicki came out and sat down by her self. Vanessa and I tryed to talk to her but she would not let us. After ten more minutes the plain landed.

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