Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


26. The girl in the car

Harry's pov:

I was on the bed when I head Angie scream. I ran to the room followed by the others. I was the first one there. "WHATS WRONG!" I shouted in worry. "look at the TV" she cryed and by then the others were there. The TV had a car that was flipped over and there was a girl in the car. As they zoomed in on the girl, I saw she haid curly brown hair and brown eyes. "NO!" I shouted as a tear fell down my cheek. "Thats not her. thats not her" I said by now I fell to the floor. I didn't notice it, but Andrew was not in the room. Just then he came in shouting "Is it Vicki in the car." he was even crying alittle. "Ya thats her necklace she always wears. Her dad gave it to her." Angie said crying. "Her dad didn't give that to her" Andrew said crying alittle less. "Who did then?" Angie asked confused. "I did when we were little" He said staring at it. I got alittle mad and jealous. "I didn't even notice she still wore it." Andrew said smiling alittle. I looked back at the moving picture of Vicki and that when I notice the blood. "NO...NO...NO..NO" I kept saying. My phone started beeping. I picked it up and saw I missed a call from Vicki. I put it on speaker .so everyone could hear it. She was crying really hard. I was just about to drop my phone when I heard the crash. "Vicki got in the crash because of me. Vicki is the girl in the car because of me." I said crying. "Mate no it not." the lads said. It was but I didn't disagree because the only thing on my mind was finding Vicki. Just then the tele told us what hospital she was at. "We need to go" Bridget said about to run out the door. Niall grabed her hand "Wait" he said pulling her back. "We cant go now" Liam said. "I dont care" Bridget said pulling away. "Im not waitting either." Angie said standing up. "Im going to" Vanessa said. "We can wait there" I said. "I need to know she is safe." I finished as everyone was staring at me. "If you guys arn't I am" Andrew said grabbing his phone. "No I'm coming" I said standing up. We headed to the car and soon the others followed behind us. 

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