Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


4. the first trouble

victoria's pov:

Harry said he didn't care about my age but i knew that he did. when we got into his hotel room he grabed my hand and said "i dont care about any thing as long as we are togather." He was just about to kiss me when the door opened. "im guessing this is victoria" louis said. The fangirl in me wanted to scream but i kept my cool. "you can call me vicki" i said with a smile. Right after i said that my phone rang. "I should take this ill be right back." I said as i went into the hall. I looked at my phone and saw it was my ex. "what do you want" i said. "i want to know why you left in a limo with Harry Styles" he said. i had know idea what to say i dident know if me and harry were datting or just friends. "were friends" i said but i wasn't sure if we were dating i was not ready for a boyfriend yet. "then why dont you come back and me and you can hang" he said. "no im hanging with harry i got to go bye" i said as i hung up the phone

Harry's pov

Vicki came in the room i could tell somthing was wrong. "you okay?" i asked even though i could tell somthing was wrong. "ya im fine" she said. "im hungry im going to get food ill talk to you guys later" niall said. "ill come with you" liam said. "we will come to" louis and zayn said. when they left i said "somthings wrong i can see it." "it's nothing i'll be fine" she said. Right after she said that my phone rang  it was the boys. "hello" i said. theres a guy outside he says hes Vicki's friend and he really need to talk to her he wont say why though but he says its important" Liam said. "okay tell him she will be right out " i said as i hung up the phone. "some ones down stairs for you" i said to Vicki. "who is it?' Vicki asked. "I dont know but dont worry i'll protect you if there's danger" i said while grabbing her hand and heading out the door.

victoria's pov:

I thought harry did know who it was so i said "okay." when we got down stair there he was my stupid ex. "Is that your ex" harry wispered to me. "sadly yes ill be right back" i said as i went on my tippy toes to kiss his cheek, letting go of his hand and turning around. Then i walked over to my ex "what the hell are you doing here?" i said to him. "I wanted to see you.?" he said with a cocky smile on his face. "well i dont want to see you!" i said then looked back at harry. " i saw you kiss him i thought you were friends" he said as his smile disappeared. "well its none of you busniness!" i shouted at him."Yes, it is i still care about you he is going to break your heart!" he said to me trying to grab my hand but i pulled away. Harry came over  and put his arm around me and said "is there a problem?" "ya there is you" my ex said. "oh so this is your ex" harry said. "im her boyfriend and my name is adam" he said. "YOUR NOT MY BOYFRIEND REMBER YOU DUMPED ME!!." i dident mean to shout but i did. "so what if i did i want you back" adam said and grabbed my hand with a tight grip "let me go! Your hurting me !" i said as i tried to pull away. "let her go" harry said as he pushed him away from me. adam was on the ground and harry said lets go with a smile. when we trurned are back to walk away and then "BANG"

harry's pov:

that stupid adam hit me. vicki screamed "Harry are you okay" i could see the anger in her eyes. " what the hell where you thinking" she shouted at him. "vicki im okay" i said as i got up. "I'll go get secretary" she said and ran for help. adam tryed to run after her but i wouldn't let him. "you're to old for her and shes going to get so much hate because of you" he said. He was right but i said " you're just going to keep dumping her and when ever she's taken or almost taken you're going to want her back."Just then vicki came back with secretary and they took adam away. Vicki asked me one more time if i was okay "yes im fine" i said and kissed her on the lips. i didn't even notice untill she pointed out that my arm was bleeding. "your arm its bleeding" she said as she opened her purse and patched it up.

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