Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


22. She need me

Harry's pov:

I felt usless. Andrew was able to calm her. I wanted to help vicki but I couldn't. "Vicki we need to go get are nails done tommrow" Angie said admiring her nails. "Ya we do we havn't had girls day in so long" Vicki said smiling. "Will you girls please stop talking about nails and allow us into your conversation." Louis said smiling. "Ok I know what we can talk about" Bridget said smiling. "What" I said as I took a bite of my meal. "You and Vicki" Bridget said looking at us. Vickis cheeks went red and she looked down and smiled. I smiled and grabbed Vickis hand which was hanging by her side. "What do you wanna know" I said laughing. "Pretty much...every thing" Angie said. "You guys" Vicki said trying to snap them back to earth. "What?" Angie said. "You know what" Vicki said laughing. "I got to use the bathroom" Vicki said us. "I have to use it also, i'll come with you." Angie said. Vicki laughed and said "pee connection." After that the girls were all laughing. "Whats a pee connection" I asked alittle afraid. "It's when you have to pee at the same time. It happens alot to Angie and me" Vicki said still laughing. I was glad she wasn't crying any more. "Vanessa, Bridget you wanna come to" Vicki asked. "sure" they both said as they walked away. "Vicki really love you. I can tell" Andrew said as soon as the left. "thanks I guess" I said unsure what to say. "Dont get jealous of me. She never loved me and she happy with you, but I will be around to help her. She need me." Andrew said getting me alittle mad. "NO SHE DOSN'T SHE HAS ME THATS WHO SHE NEED" I said shouting alittle bit. "Dude calm down" Andrew said. I was just about to jump up and punch that prick when the lads ran over and pulled me away from the table. "Harry fighting wont fixs anything" Liam said. "Harry shes your" Louis said. "Mate it's ok" Zayn said. "What if Vicki saw you hit him" Niall asked. Niall had a point, but I wispered "she needs me not him" "I know mate" Zayn said. Just then we saw the girls come out. We went back to the table, payed for the food and then left.

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