Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


24. One tear after another

Vicki's pov:

"Mommy" I wispered after reading the text. "Love whats wrong." Harry said running to my side. I couldn't speak so i showed him the text. "I'm so sorry" he said pulling me into his warm arms. "Vicki tell Bridget to.." Angie said but stoped and looked at me. "Whats wrong" She said running to my side.  "My mom..My going..back" I said trying to say it my eyes pouring now. "Her mum is going back to the hostpital. they did somthing wrong" Harry said so i didn't have to finish. I stood up and Angie and Harry just looked at me. I looked at Angies blue eyes and Harry green eyes. Then I said "I need to go for a walk." and I ran out of the room. When ever I was upset I never talked about I ran some place where I could be alone. I would cry untill I couldn't cry no more. Thats what I had to do now, So I ran till my legs couldn't ran no more. Harry was running behind me, but I was faster. His long legs giving him an advantage in the end. I felt somthing grab me from behind. "Vicki it's ok" Harry said trying to calm me. "Harry I need to be alone" I said trying to pull away. "Vicki you have me now. I will always be there for you" He said as his green eyes started to water. "Harry I know, but I need to be alone. I need to get away right now its one tear after another"  I said as I broke free from his grip. "I love you real, but I just need to be alone" I said as I kissed his cheek. Then I ran till I was infront of a a car shop. I walked and asked to bought a car. The guy at the desk told me to pick one. I just picked a random one, because I just need to get away. I payed for the car and got in and started to drive away. I didn't know where I was going to go, but I need to be on my own for a while. I turned my phone off and threw it in the back seat. I knew My friends and Harry whould help, but I didn't want to cause them pain. I was thinking to myself as I was driving "They will miss you at first, but then they will forget about you. Angie and Bridget whould find a new bff. Harry whould find a new girlfriend, probley Vanessa. Andrew he lived without you for awhile he can do it again. None of them need you" I kept repeating it in my head.

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