Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


33. My prince

Vicki's pov:

My life flashed before my eye. Harry was my boyfriend, but mostly he was my prince. Angie and Bridget were my best friends, more like sisters. Claire was my friend from girlscouts. Vanessa was my friend, but decided to kiss my boyfriend. I forgave her because I was losing to much. "Harry stop" I said pulling away from the kiss. "I'm so sorry" He said looking down.  "You should be" I said looking at him trying not to smile, but look angry. "For not kissing me sooner" I said smiling. "What wait" he said as he looked confused. "I remember' I said smiling. He grabbed my hands "I told you I would always protect you" He said smiling. "Dose that deaserve another kiss" Harry asked showing off his dimples. "Hm I think so" I said laughing. Harry gave me another kiss. "we should tell the others" I said pulling away. "Ya and wait to ruin the moment" Harry said laughing. I walked out of the room followed by Harry. The boys and Cj were in the waitting room. "Hi" I said smiling. "Hi Vicki how your feeling" Cj asked me. "I remember" I said smiling. "Wait you remember" Niall said standing up like the rest. "Yes I do Niall" I said smiling. "Prove it" Niall said laughing his adorable laugh. "Your Niall horan from one direction. You love food and your Irish. You fart alot and shall I continue" I said laughing. "She remembers" Niall said sitting back down. "Where is the girls?"  I asked looking around. "They went to go get food" Liam said. "ok" I said sitting down by Cj. "Were is Andrew?" I asked just noticing he wasn't here. "Getting air" Zayn said. "I'll be right back" I said getting up. I could see Harry still wasn't big on Andrew. "Ok" the boys said as they watched me walk out. I walked out side and saw Andrew crying. "Whats wrong?" I asked him walking over to him. It hurts me to see him cry, Because he hardly crys. "I wish you could remember the times we had" he said not looking at me. "I do. I remember when we were little we made that promis to be friends forever." I said smiling at the thought of it. "You do remember, but how" He said looking up. "Harry kissed me and it trigered somthing" I said smiling. "Oh" he said looking back down. "Vicki can I talk to you" Liam asked me. "Ya sure" I said walking over to Liam. "Dose Claire have a boyfriend do you know" Liam asked me. "No, Why dose some one like her" I said nugging Liam. "maybe" he said smiling. "Ask her out" I said smiling. "I'm to  nervous to. what if she says no" Liam said looking down. "She wont" I said looking at him. "ok i will. thank you Vicki" Liam said with a smile on his face. "The girls just got here" Louis said as he walked out. "FOOD" niall shouted running to the parking lot. It was time to see my friends who have no idea I remember.

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