Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


21. mommy's little girl

Vicki's pov:

Harry brought me into the hotel. I was pouring tears, It was hard to see through the tears. "WHATS WRONG" Angie shouted as she ran towards me. I tryed to say it but "My-I-Doctor-Mom-Dad-I" was all that came out. I jumped out of Harrys arms and ran. I hated it when i cryed infront of others. Harry and Angie ran after me. Harrys long legs giving him an advantage. Harry was catching up and I was slowing down. "VICKI STOP" Harry shouted. I was not listening, all i could do was ran. I felt Harry grab me and pull me back. "Vicki its ok im here for you" harry said calmly. "IT'S NOT OK. MY LIFE SUCKS. I WANT MY DAD TO HUG BUT I CANT." I said shouting and crying, but I didn't mean to shout. Every elss ran out of the room. "Vicki whats wrong" Bridget said. "MY-My-my" I tryed saying but then started pouring my eyes out. "Her mum is having surgery and she might not make it" Harry said rubbing my back. Harry didn't know but him rubbing my back was making it worse. My dad would rub my back when I was upset. After a few strokes it started to help. "Vicki im so sorry" Angie said. "Dont be" I said "You guys im sorry but I wanna go home" I said trying so hard not to cry. "Vicki it's ok I understand." Harry said. Just then my phone rang. It was my mom "Hello" i said hitting answer om my phone. "Hi sweetie pie" my mom said. "Hi mommy" I said as a tear ran down my cheek. Angie, Bridget and Vanessa ran over and hugged me. "Sweetie there somthing i should tell you" my mom said. I didn't reply "Knowing you, you probably are trying to find away home, But don't." She said crying. "What why!?" I said as tears ran faster down my cheeks. "I'm going to be fine dont worry" my mom said crying. "Mom. Mommy your lying to me" I said as I fell to the floor. "I will" she said. "MOM NO TELL ME" I shouted into the phone. "Sweetie I got to go, but dont come home." she said hanging up before i could reply. I threw my phone to the floor. "What happend" Bridget said. I didn't reply I justed cryed. After A few minutes of everyone trying to calm me I finaly told them. "Vicki im.." Angie said but I Didn't let her finish her sentance. "No dont my mom never cared just like I said "Thats not true" Harry said. "Then why dosn't she want me to see me." I said. "Vicki you mom loves you. Why would she sing to you, give you the things you have and mostly call you sweetie" Andrew said. "I-I-I dont know" I said crying "see" Angie said. "Ok i know what will help lets all go out for dinner" Niall said. "ok" I said with a small laugh 

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