Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


39. left in pieces

Vicki's pov

A few months later

I still felt broken in side. Andrew help alot, but it only fixed my heart the size of a pea. Angie was mad at me for what happened with Harry, but we where still friends. The rest of my friends and i didn't talk that much, but claire and i still talked. Claire helped alittle more then Andrew. Harry and I didn't talk. I tryed to talk to him one day, but he told me he was Happy and I should be to. "Hey vicki" Andrew said sitting down next to me. "Hey" I said looking down and a picture of Harry. I hid it before he noticed though. "I want to ask you somthing" Andrew asked me. "What" I said almost crying as i rembered what Harry told me. "Would you like to maybe go out and see a movie. My hea shot straight up. I always wanted this to happen when i was little and before i knew Harry. "Uh' i said not knowing what to say. "like a date" I quickly said hoping it wasn't. "Ya" he said bitting his lip and showing his dimples. they where almost as deep as harry. "Uh.." i said then thought of what harry said. "Sure" I said almost crying. "Tonight" He said smiling at me. "ya" I said looking at his blue eye.
A few months later

I made a huge mistake. Andrew perposed to me and I said...Yes. I was in my wedding dress while Claire did my hair. "Is harry here" I asked Angie and Claire. "Ya, so are the other boys" Angie said doing my make up. "I want to talk to him" I told them almost crying. "I'll go find him" Claire said as she finished my hair. "Vicki this is a big mistake" Angie said as she set the make up down. "No it's not...Is Bridget here" I said as i lied to Angie and myself. "No she didn't want to watch you make a huge mistake" Angie said looking at me almost crying.Harry's pov

The lads where outside with me. "I cant..I need to leave" I said about to walk away.  "Harry... she is going to want you here" Liam said. "You guys agreed to be friends" Zayn said. "HARRY" claire said running in our direction. "What" I said looking down. "The bride wants to talk to you" Claire said. "Why" I said think it was another one of hers and angies plane to get us back together. "I dont know, but she dose" Claire said walking towards me. "Ok ill go talk to her" I said walking back inside. I walked in the room vicki was in. "You wanted to see me" I said as i walked in the room. "Ya" vicki said not looking at me. "I'll leave you two to talk" angie said leaving the room. "Harry I..." vicki said but stopped. "I know you still want to be friends and you dont want this to change it." I said looking at the door. "I-Uh-ya" She said sitting on the couch. "ok friends then" I said as it felt like i was stabbed in the heart. "Friends" she said looking at me. "Well i better go take my seat" I said getting up. "Ya I better get ready" she said smiling. I could tell it was fake. After i took my seat and the music started and vicki walked out i felt the need to run, but i didn't. Louis patted me on the back and wispered "it's ok mate." The prist said "Before i start dose any one oppose of this marriage. I chould see Angie and Bridget where about to stand up, but I was faster. "I do, I oppose of this marriage" I said as all the eyes locked on me

                                              the end                                                      

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