Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


7. knock knock knock

harry's pov:

"Its time to get up in the morning" Niall sang as he played his guitar. "Got Mcdonalds breakfest for you" Niall sang. "Why any other brand" louis sang "just for you" liam sang. "We drove 2 miles to get it so you better get up and eat it" Niall sang. "You lazy bunch of children" Niall sang "Harry you crazy boy" Louis sang "Dont be selfish" Liam sang. "It's time to get up" they all screamed. when they where done singing it, I thought it would be funny if I poped up and said "It's time to get up" then we went to eat breakfest. "Is vicki coming to the concert" niall asked me. "I havn"t asked her yet" I said. "Well ask her" Liam said with a smile handing me my phone. I grabbed the phone and walked out of the room and called vicki. it rang a few times then i heard "hello" she said i chould tell she just woke up. "Oh did i wake you im sorry" I said. "no you didn't wake me i just woke up anyways" she said. "can I ask you somthing" I said trying to ack sad. "Ya you can tell me anything" she said sounding worried. "Do you want to come to my consert tonight you will be a vip and be backstage" I said she didn't respond for a few seconds then i heard "Yes i whould love to" she said I could tell she was trying not to scream. "I'll send a limo to pick you up" i said trying nt to laugh. "Ok thanks i should probley get ready then see you soon bye" she said. "Ok see you soon bye" i said as i hung up the phone.

Victoria's pov:

I was all ready to go when there was a knock on the frount door. I was home alone so I knew it wasn't for my mom. I open the door and it was my two best friends Angie and Bridget. "Why didn't you tell us" angie said as she gave me a huge hug. "Im sorry it got so crazy yesterday and before you say anything not that kind of crazy. Adam dumped me, then Harry asked me to hang cuss he wanted to know what was wrong, then we went out to the movies the paparazzi got a picture of us kissing. I started getting hate and now my dads in the hospital." i said as a tear fell down my cheek. "I'm so sorry about your dad" Bridget said as she gave me a hug. "dont cry sweetie" Angie said as she joined in on the hug. she alwaysed called her friends sweetie. There was anouther knock on the door. i left the frount room to open the door and i saw a limo. i decided to surprise my friend. i opened the door quitly and put my finger up telling harry to hold on i steped out side and told him about Angie and Bridget. He agreed to helping me surprise them. I walked in to the frount room fake crying. "vicki whats wrong" they both said "Harry he he" i said trying not to smile. "Aw im so sorry bridget said as Angie and her ran to my side.Mmy frown turned to a smile "is right here" I said laughing. "Harry you can come in now" I said as harry walked in the room. I chould tell they were trying not to scream and just to let you know its hard for a fangirl not to scream. "Hello you girls must be Angie and Bridget" Harry said smiling. there was anouther knock at the door. "I'll be right back" i said laughing. I opened the door and there was adam. "hello vicki" he said steping into my house. "What are you doing in my house" I said just as Angie came out to ask who it is. "Hello Angie" he said when she came and stood by my side. Then Harry and Bridget came out and stood by my side. Harry put his arm around me and said to adam "what are you doing here." "I warned you she was going to get hate because of you" he said trying to hide a smile. "Go away" I said. "Vicki can't you see that you belong with me not him he will just bring you pain because of the hate" Adam said to me. "He won't bring me pain you will and its not his falt im getting hate" I said and all the hate came back in my mind and a tear fell down my cheek "I thinks its time for you to go" Angie said as her and Bridget pushed adam out the door. "We better get going to the concert now. Would you two like to come" he asked Angie and Bridget. "YES!" they both said trying to keep their cool. we all got in the limo and head back to the hotel so Harry could get ready for the concert.

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