Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


34. I'm still the same

Vicki's pov:

I ran to the car with my friends and cousin in it. "I remember...I remember you guys" I said crying alittle bit. "Vicki!?" Angie said as I hugged her. After I was done hugging the rest of my friends and Veronica, I helped them carry in the food. When I got in the room I sat down next to Harry and Niall. Niall was reaching over to grab some of my food. I slapped his hand. "What you do that for" he asked rubbing his hand. "You were trying to steal my food" I laughed. "Well im still hungry" He said laughing. "Its not my falt you ate all your food so fast" I said taking a bite of my food. Normaly Niall would have tryed again to steal it, but he didn't. "Hey Angie wanna play the slap game" I said laughing rembering all the times we played it. "Sure" she said getting up. I grabbed her hand and wacked it once with my other. She did the same with mine. Who ever pulled away first lost. I wacked her really hard, but she didn't wack back as hard as normaly. She pulled away and I pretend to be happy about winning, but I wasn't. "You to probley hit like a girl" Louis said laughing. "A girl that can kick your butt." I said as a come back. Normaly Louis would have made a come back to my come back, but he didn't. They where treating me diffrent. "You guys im still the same. There is no need to treat me diffrent" I said looking at louis. "We are not treating you diffrent" Angie said. "Yes you are. YOU didn't slap me as hard as normal...Louis you didn't come back with another come back... Niall you didn't try to steal my food again." I said looking at all of them. They didn't say anything. "And Harry you havn't looked me in the eyes like you did before. You havn't held my hand like you did before. It's like your not even there any more" I said crying. He looked up at me shocked by my words. I Stood up as everyones eyes followed. "I'm going for a walk" I said starting to walk out. "Vicki i'll come with" Harry said his eyes full of water. "No I want to be alone" I said looking down. It killed me to see Harry cry. I headed out of the hospital and headed to the park near by. I sat down on the swing and thought about everything in my life thats happen. Meeting harry, Datting Harry, Falling for Harry, my dad died, I got in a comma, My mom died when I was in the comma and waking up with diffrent people. People who I didn't know anymore.

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