Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


20. I cant lose you to

Vicki's pov:

We just got back to the hotel. Harry opened mmy door and helped me out. It was noon when we got back. Angie and Vanessa were outside talking. More like Angie yelling at Vanessa. I ran to them "Whats going on" I shouted. Harry was running behind trying to keep up. "What the hell did you think kissing him was smart she just lost her dad." Angie said. I didn't think the heard me. "WHATS GOING ON" i shouted again. "I'm yelling at her for being stupid" Angie said. "I know it was stupid. Vicki im so sorry" Vanessa said to me as tears were running down her face. "I know" I said. Just then my phone rang it was my mom. "I need to take this" I said to them. I walked away and answer my phone "hello" I said into the phone. "Sweetie pie" my mom said she only calls mw sweetie pie when somthing is wrong. "Whats wrong" I said as tears were forming in the corner of my eye. "Rember the accident I was in a few days ago" she said crying alittle bit. "Ya" I said trying to push the words out of my mouth. "Well it messed up my brain and if they dont fixs it right or in time, I may" she said trying to finish her sentance but i interrupted her. "No dont say it. I cant lose you two" I said falling to my knees. "mommy please please tell me your joking... Mommy no. Mom please I need you" I said crying my eyes out. "Sweet I wish it was a joke. I love you" my mom sais crying also. I couldn't talk. "I need to go sweetie" my mom said hanging up before i could say i love you two. I could not move, all i could do was cry. Harry must of saw me crying, because next thing I knew was Harry picking me up and saying "Whats wrong." "My mom might join my dad" I said crying. Harry kissed me and said "Im so sorry love." Then he brought me inside the hotel.

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