Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


5. here come the hate

adam's pov:

I hate one direction i always have i just pretended to like them for vicki. I decided i would do what ever it takes to get vicki back even if i have to start people sending her hate. i told the paparazzi about them. At first they didn't believe me. then i told them about the fight i got into with harry. they kinda got a little more curious. they said they whould do a little investigating. My plan was working i whould have vicki crawling back to me in no time.

harry's pov:

i wanted to ask vicki on a date but i dident want her to get hate. i thought about what i could do then i finally i got a idea. "Hey vicki" i said. "Yes" she said with a smile. "Do you want to go see a movie". "Like a date" she said with a smile. "No not like a date" i said. "oh" her smile went away "it is a date" i quickly said. "yes" she said as her smile came back. We went on the computer to look for a movie to see. After that we head out i called over the limo and i opened the door for her and she said thank you and kissed me on the lips I heard a "click" and I looked back and there was paparazzi I jumped in the limo and told the limo driver where to go but to hurry. I called the movie theater and asked them if we could sneack in the back. "Ugh i feel so stupid im sorry" I said to vicki "Why are you sorry and your not stupid" Vicki said to me "Yes I am they got a picture of us kissing. you are going to get hate because of me. I am so bloody stupid" I said to her. She pushed my head up so my eyes we staring into her eyes "its not you falt, your not stupid and they can hate all they want rember I have you to pretect me from any dangers. Then we left the limo to go watch the movie.

zayn's pov:

I was checking my twitter when I found a bunch of hate on harry's page like how can you date girl thats three years yunger then you. I felt so bad for Harry. I ran to see if the other boys heard of this and knew vicki was three years yunger. They already found out and was alittle shocked. We didn.'t care if she was yunger, but we were still alittle shocked. We tryed defending Harry but we got hate like "How can you let him date her." She also got some people that were defending her.Thouse people are our true fans that don't care who we date all that matters to them is that we are happy to them.

victoria's pov:

I told harry i could handle the hate but i didn't think i would get this much hate. I was reading all the tweets on my phone when harry was in the bathroom there was a hate that said "Dump my harry now or I will make sure he won't ever look at you again." iIalso looked at harrys twitter and saw "How chould you harry! did you ever think about your fans." just then harry came out and saw what iIwas doing. "Dont torture your self"  harry said as he wipped the tear from my face and turned the screen off on my phone. "Even some kids my age and younger are hatting on me" I said as i looked him in the eyes. "They dont hate you the jealous of you"  Harry said to me. "Harry they hate me." "dont listen to what ever they say" harry said to me. "This chould have not come at a worse time" I wispered to my self. "what do you mean" harry asked me "never mind"i said. "you can tell me anything rember" he said to me. "Fine i'll tell you my dad might die he has lung cancer and my mom dosn't even care about me" I said and more tears fell down my face "iim sorry and i bet your mum dose care about you" harry said as he wipped more tears from my face. "I should go home" i said to him. " okay lets go but if you need anything let me know i will be by your side till the end" Harry said



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