Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


9. daddy's little princess

victoria's pov:

When we got to the hospital I was just about to open the limo door when I saw the paparazzi. I tryed to fixs my self up so I didn't embarrass harry even more with all the strange pictures they took of me, but the boys and Angie and Bridget said they would stand around me so they didn't get that many pics of me. they all covered me as we got out of the limo. We went into the hospital and to my dads room I told them all to come in i didn't want to be alone, cuss if I was I would of ended up crying. When we walked in my dad was sitting there I was just about to turn and run away and cry but I think harry chould see that. He grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes and nodded. Then my dad turned around and said "there my little princess and her friends." " Hi daddy" i said as a tear fell down me cheek. There was a few seconds of no one talking till "Hi dad" angie and bridget said laughing i chould see they were trying to be strong for me." Hi adopted daughters" he laughed. my dad looked at me and said "Who are thouse other boy" "There Harrys band mates or his adopted brothers." I said smiling. "Hi im Liam" Liam said as he shook my dads hand. "Hi im Zayn" Zayn said to my dad as they shook hands. "Hi im Niall" Niall said as he shook his hand."Hi im Louis" Louis said as he shook my harry." "Its nice to meet all of you. Can i talk to Harry alone for a little bit please." my dad said to us. "Ya if its ok with you Harry." I said as i turned to Harry. "Ya" he said as he walk up to my dad. Then the rest of us went in the hall and waitted for them to get done talk.

Harry's pov:

When the other left and the door closed Vicki's dad said "I want to thank you." "Why do you want to thank me" i said as i sat down next to him. " You make her happy" he said as he smiled " I havn't seen her this happy since she was little kid." he said as he looked at a picture of us on are date and her smiling in a article. i didn't know what to say. " your are my littles princess's prince please hold on to her." he said to me as i could tell the pain was hurtting him more. "I will" i said "You can let the others in now i just wanted to tell you thank you and make sure you hold on to her with all you heart" he said. "I will and i'll never let her go dont worry" Ii said. Then I went to the door to let the others in . When I walked out to get them Vicki was asleep i woke her up so she could say goodbye to her dad and we all said good bye. Then we dropped Angie and Bridget off first then we went to drop Vicki off. When we got to her house there was a note on the door from her mom it said "Wont be back till tommrow night at a hotel so i can be by the hospital, dinners in the microwave enjoy." I asked her if she wanted to come to the hotel with us and just rent a room next to mine and the boys so she wasn't alone. she said "No i think i should stay here." So I kissed her goodbye then the boys shouted bye from the limo and we headed back to the hotel.

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