Harry might have found his one but trouble comes along. Harry is asking him self is she the one, will I be able to keep her with me and can i survive. Harry has to try to hold on to what he has can he keep what is his or will he lose it all.
ps: this is a sad story


13. angie's house

Harry's pov:

After we went to Vanessa's house then Bridget's house we went to Angie's house. When we went in her mum said "You have a friend here to see you." " I'll be right back" angie said. When she went into the kitchen we heard a some lad say "Hey i need a favor." "Oh no just what i need today" vicki said. "Whats wrong" I said. "Do you think its him" Bridget said. "Whos him" Niall said. "I think it is" Vanessa said. "Ol whats going on" Louis said. The girls looked at each other then were heard that mystery guy say "Get vicki to dump that harry dude or Harry to dump her." "NO" we heard angie scream. "It's him" Vicki said. That time i knew who it was. It was Adam. "Adam" i said to the other lads. Vicki ran in the kitchen and we followed behind her. "YOU CANT TRY TO MAKE MY FRIENDS RUIN MY RELATIONSHIP. BESIDES THEY WONT, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT A JERK LIKE YOU. I'M TIRED OF YOU TELLING ME WHAT TO DO. I'M NOT NO PUPPET. I HATE YOU. GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN LEAVE THIS HOUSE AND NEVER COME BACK! MY DAD IS DEAD AND YOU DONT EVEN CARE YOU JUST WANT TO RUIN MY LIFE MORE!!" vicki shouted as a tear fell down her cheek. I have never see her this mad. i went beside her and kissed her forehead and gave her a hug. "Im so sorry i didn't know" Adam said. Angie's mum came in the room and said "whats wrong" she saw vicki crying and ran over and said whats go on making sure vicki was ok. "my dad died last night that why we are going to England to get away from all the drama." Vicki said not letting angie's mum in on every thing. "Aw im so sorry Angie can stay in england all you want, so she can be there for you as long as you back before school starts." Angies mum said. "Wait you guys are going to England" Adam said. "Wa and we should probley get going i'll go get my stuff can you girls come help" angie said. "Ya" the other girls said. The lads, adam and angie's mum just sat in silence. When the girls came down we left to go in the limo. When we were just about to get in Adam came running out and said "I'm sorry about your dad vicki i didn't know when did he die." Vicki started crying and said "Last night now leave me alone" I pulled vicki clouser to me and held her in my arms. After Adam left. I let go of vicki so she can get in the limo then I got in. I held her in my arms the whole car ride. 

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