My Austin Mahone Dream

So in this story I am just going to tell you my dream for life. And it involves Austin Carter Mahone. I hope one day my dream will come true. Maybe it will. There is A LOT to it. So bare with me and if you read this, I love you<3 Well, that is pretty much it. Hope you enjoy this little teaser... I guess you could call it that. Even if it doesn't really say anything about the story. Haha, I don't want to give anything away. Well I am going to leave now and start working on another part! Bye<3

AN: I am going to publish more today. I am still thinking of what else to write. I guess this is just saying what the story is going to be about.

It really means a lot if you read it. <3


1. Chapter One



I came home from school Firday. January 14, 2011. It was around 3:00pm when I finally got off the bus. When I walked inside our house, my parents were both home. That was odd. My dad normally doesn't get home til around 5:00pm, and my mom doesn't get home til around 6:30pm. Why were they home so early? 

I walked in about to go towards my room down the hall, then I heard my mom call my name. 

"Megan, could you come here for a minute?" 

I turned around and walked into the dining room, where they both were sitting. My brother was either at work or with his friends Justin and Zac. 

I put my bag on the floor by the table and sat down. 

"Yeah?" I asked.

"We have something really important to tell you..." My mom trailed off.

"Is it good or bad?" I asked looking between my mom and dad nervously. 

"It depends how you feel on it." My dad said. 

"Okay, can you just tell me before I freak myself out from thinking about it?" 

"Here goes nothing..." My dad said.

"We are moving..." My mom said quietly. She never said where we were moving to or anything. 

"What? Where are we moving to?" I asked looking down.

"San Antonio, Texas." 

"What?! Are you serious?!" I practically yelled.

"Yes. Are you happy?" My dad asked laughing.

"Yes! Are you kidding? I have always wanted to go to San Antonio!"

"Megan, do you understand we are leaving Maine and moving there for good?" My mom asked me.

"Yeah, I understand. I just have always wanted to go there and now we are moving there. This is awesome!'

"Well, you took it better than I thought you would. Now we just have to tell your brother." My dad said with a smile.

"He doesn't know? He is not going to want to move? What about Bethany?"

"Well, he has to move. He isn't 18 yet. He can't just stay here, and Bethany. I have no clue. He is going to be upset leaving. They have been dating for a year. I'm sure he will understand, I hope."

"Me too. Wait so why are we moving exactly?" I asked.

"I got offered an amazing office job. One I can't refuse."

"So what's dad gonna do about work?"

"He's been researching construction jobs there. He's found a couple and the guys said he could meet with them when we get there."

"So we're really moving?" I asked, trying not to sound sad. I guess it was finally sinking in. I was going to have to say goodbye to all my friends and family. Even my best friend, Tiffany. 

"Yeah, are you okay about?"

"Yeah. I just don't want to leave my friends. But I don't really have a say in it. You said you can't refuse this offer." 

"It will be okay. You'll make new friends."

"Yeah, I guess... Well I have to go do homework. Wait, when are we moving?"

"At the end of the week. So you don't have to do homework if you don't want to. I talked to both schools and they understand you would probably miss a week. They were fine with it." My mom said with a smile.

"As long as I don't have to do homework, I'm good. But I wanna go to school tomorrow to say goodbye to all the teachers, and my friends I don't see out of school."

"That is completely fine."

With that, the conversation ended. I walked to my room and grabbed my laptop and went to YouTube. I always went to YouTube and just searched random videos, mostly covers, when I was bored.

I heard our front door open just as I was about to listen to a video by a kid named "Austin Mahone". I know my brother was home and he would soon know the news. I didn't bother going into the dining room and listening, I already heard everything they were going to say. 

So I just continued to watch the video. He was singing "With You" by Chris Brown. I pressed play.

It started with the music in the background. He walked around the corner smiling. Which made me smile, he had an amazing smile. He got to the camera, waiting for the music to get to where it needed to be so he could start singing. I noticed he had braces. 

"Hey! Little mama, Ooh, you're a stunner" Came out of his mouth. He was amazing. He continued to sing the song. It had just been uploaded today. 

He was just fourteen. He was so amazing. I continued to watch the video, til it ended. I had to admit, he was pretty cute. Even if he was a year older than me, he was still cute. 

The video soon ended. He was amazing. I subscribed to him as soon as it ended. I couldn't wait til he uploaded more videos, I hope he would. 

That's when I heard. 


Come from the dining room. Guess my brother just heard the news. 

To the sounds of it, he didn't take it to well either. I hoped he would understand and just not fight about it. Nothing he said would ever change my parents wanting to move. I knew that for a fact. My mom even said she couldn't refuse this offer and I knew my dad wasn't going to let her. I just sat on my bed listening. I couldn't here anything. It was quiet.

Then I heard my brother stomp to his room, and slam his door.

I guess he didn't take it as well as i did. Then I remembered him and Bethany. That's why he didn't want to move. I heard him on the phone, I found out it was my grandmother from what he was saying. He was begging her to let him live with her while my mom, dad, and I moved. Only because he didn't want to leave Bethany. I know they have been dating for a year. 

But what would I do if my brother didn't come with us?

It wouldn't feel right. It's not like I can visit him anytime I want to if he does stay here. San Antonio isn't that close to Maine. Infact, it isn't at all. 

I was praying my grandmother wouldn't give in. Hoping she would stay strong and not let him live with her. I don't think my mom and dad would let him stay here even if she did say he could live with her. 

I hope not. 

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