The Dalton Academy

Everyone knows the Dalton Academy is an Boys-Only school, But what happens when they let one girl named Melody in?


4. New Directions meet Melody Carter

*Melody's POV

Today we are going to this place called Mckinley High. To meet their glee club A.k.a The New Directions. We walked into their choir room. "Mr.Shu the warblers are here again." cried one of the girls. A man looked up. "Oh Hello Warblers nice to see you. We were standing in triangle formation. "Guys there's warbler I want you to meet." Blane said. They all seperated to let me walk down the middle. " Hello my name is Meiody Carter and I go to dalton Adcamdemy." I said proudly. "First of all hi I'm Santana, second of all why go to dalton instead of crawford?" Santana said. "Well Crawford doesn't have an glee club but dalton does." I replied.


Santana's POV

So wait, she gets to spend all of the time that she has with boys? That is no fair whatsoever. Wait a minute, did she just kiss the blond? Wait how long have they been kissing. Oh this is gonna be good. I walked over to the blond. "Why hello there handsome.?"  I have a girlfriend so bye" He said. Wait he did not just deny Sanatana Lopez?!

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