The Dalton Academy

Everyone knows the Dalton Academy is an Boys-Only school, But what happens when they let one girl named Melody in?


6. English homework troubles

Melodys POv

It's so sad that so many girls my age become pregant. Wait didn't one girl at McKinley become pregant a year ago? Maybe I can interview her. But how I am I gonna get to Mckinley. "Jeffie Can you take me to mckinley?" I asked making my best puppy dog eyes. He nodded. I kissed him and he kissed back. We ran thru the halls of Dalton. to his car, we stoped a the Lima Bean to get coffee. She was there. "Hi, I'm pretty sure you knowing because I was with the warblers." I said quickly. Man. saying things quickly was my curse. "Yeah aren't you that Melody girl?" She replied. I interviewed her on her teen preganacy story, it was so sad, I'm sure she didn't ask for it. We had Warbler Practice this afternoon.Quinn (the girl who was preganant) invited us to see mckinley's glee club. I met Blaine's Boyfriend, I didn't know he was gay. Well me and Jeffie are headed back to Dalton. I get to pick the secanals song. Yay!




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