The Dalton Academy

Everyone knows the Dalton Academy is an Boys-Only school, But what happens when they let one girl named Melody in?


3. Crushes on the new girl

*Nick's POV

Wow the new girl is hot and she can sing too. The last girl I dated was totally tone-deaf. Maybe I'll take a shot her, I mean who could resist this. "Hey Nick you gonna take a shot at the new girl?" my best friend Jeff asked. "Yeah, you?" I replied. Jeff nodded. "Come on there she is!" Jeff said out loud. Me and Jeff walked over sliently and put an arm around her shoulder. She looked at us. "Why hello there beautiful, I'm Nick and this is Jeff." I said. She took my arm off but left Jeff's. "Hi" she said shy-like. "Oh so a little shy, ok why I can cure that." Jeff said before kissing her. They held the kiss for 5 minutes. Lucky.


*Jeff POV

Wow she's a good kisser. "Hey we have a huge test coming up Lab. Do you want to study with me?" Medoly asked. I nodded we walked to my dorm. Well, not just mine. Blaine's too. We walked in to see Blaine, Wes, and David playing call of duty. "Hey do you have another remote?" She asked me. "KILL THE DARN ZOMBIE BLAINE BEFORE IT KILLS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Wes screamed at the top of his lungs. I told Melody where my secret remote is, she took of her heels so she could be as possible. She joined the game and killed all of them with one granade. I love her, wait I hope I didn't say that out loud.

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