The Dalton Academy

Everyone knows the Dalton Academy is an Boys-Only school, But what happens when they let one girl named Melody in?


5. Classes

*Melody's POV


Today I start my classes me and Jeff have english together. "Melody you're gonna love English, everything we do is on laptops." Jeff told me as he pulled me into warm grasp. "Ah Mr.Blue Blazer who is this?" A man said as me and Jeff entered the classroom, I guess he's the teacher. "Mr. Potter this is Melody she is a new student." Jeff said. "fine then get her set up on a laptop!" Mr. Potter said. Jeff handed me a laptop and sat down next to me. I typed in my username and password, and signed into the server. My username was Miss_Dalton.

Miss_Dalton has logged in.

BlueBlazer Has logged in.

Ilovemygavelmorethanmygirlfriend has logged in.

Agentthreeofthemafia has logged in.

Teenagedreamer Has logged in.

Miss_Dalton: Ready to go guys?


Miss_Dalton: Jeffie you just logged in and I already have high hopes for your grammer.

Ilovemygavelmorethanmygirlfriend: Which one of you pyhscos changed my Username!?!

BlueBlazer: Nck yu er so ded!!1!!1

Miss_Dalton: High hopes, Jeffie.

Teenagedreamer: Guys just calm down,

Agentthreeofthemafia: You shouldn't have took my phone that day, Jeff.

Miss_Dalton: Jeff go ask Mr.potter for a new laptop.

Miss_Dalton: we have to write a paragragh on sad things.

BlueBlazer: Like Teen pregancy? If so I have experice.

Miss_Dalton: Don't even think about it Jeff.

BlueBlazer: Ok *smirk*

Miss_Dalton: Well since I'm a girl, I'm doing teen pregancy.

Agentthreeofthemafia: Can we do it with you? *Wiggles Eyebrows*

MIss_Dalton: *Throws a Pencil at Nicks Head.

Agentthreeofthemafia: Ow :(

Miss_Dalton: Come on Jeffie time to go to our next class.

BlueBlazer:Ok Baby

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