a twilight and Harry potter crossover

when Edward leaves Bella in New moon she decides to go back to what she knows. Being poppy black a Metamorphmagus.


1. leaving....

He left me wha-why he said he loved me i thought as i ran home tears streaming down my face. i got to the doorstep a flung the door open and saw charlie on the couch i ran over to him and started crying into his shoulder "POPPY" he screamed startled  "poppy are you ok " he said after he realized i was crying i shook my head and looked up " HE LEFT " i wailed "HE TOLD ME HE LOVED ME" i screamed "this Cullen " he said gently i nodded "well he can fuck off i know what im going to do" i yelled as i ran  up stairs "pops what are you doing?" charlie yelled up the stairs "i-i-im leaving yeah im going to Dumbledore gonna see if he can get me into school this year" i yelled back as i scrambled to find my wand "poppy its the middle of the year you need to wait" he said coming into my room "charlie i cant stay here i cant function" i said as i changed back into me im a Metamorphmagus i changed back into my original self honey colored eyes, blond hair with pink tips, tan, shorter. "eughh you know ill never get used to that" he said shaking his head "ahaa" i said as i found my wand i used a spell to pack up all my stuff "charlie you will never know how grateful i am that you let me stay here unfourtnatly" i need to leave i said as i turned and hugged him "im going to miss you kid" he said because well im only really 14 his voice thick full of tears "me too" i said as i walked down to the back door "im going to send a patronus ok" i walked out the door casted the spell and said "god father i was wondering if you could possibly let me into school this year i miss my friends and my fuckhead of an ex boyfriend excuse my language left me in the woods so ive made the decision to come home and stay there if you dont let me into school i will come anyways so you dont have much of a choice as soon as you get this can you or hagrid come get me?" i said and sent it. 5 minutes later i got one back that said "fine hagrids coming" i jumped with joy and squealed 20 minutes later i opened the door to see hagrid standing there i jumped up and gave him a hug we said goodbye to charlie and left...

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