a twilight and Harry potter crossover

when Edward leaves Bella in New moon she decides to go back to what she knows. Being poppy black a Metamorphmagus.


2. arriving...

when we touched down next to hagrids hut i squealed "omg i cant believe im back" i laughed then stopped when i heard arguing coming from inside of hagrids hut he had gone over to park his flying bike i cautiously walked over to the door but changed my look i now looked like a 18 year old pale black haired girl with blue eyes.

i walked in to see harry Ron and hermione drinking tea the saw me and stepped back saying "we have detention with hagrid" i laughed the looked confused "oh i forgot" i said as i changed back into me "POPPY"harry yelled tackling me into a bear hug "harry shut up your gonna get caught" i said laughing he helped me up i brushed my self off only to be tackled again be hermione and ron "oomph" we all laughed until hagrid came in and said"yous better be off to bed" we all sighed and walked back towards the castle the went to the fat lady and unlocked the door "aren't you coming?" harry questioned "no i gotta go inform Dumbledore that im here." i said running towards his office.

the suit of armor looked at me and opened "cool" i said walking im "Dumbledore are you in here?" i said walking into his office he wasn't so i sat down and played with Fawkes until he came in. i was watching Fawkes fly around the room when Dumbledore said "aren't they just magnificent creatures?" this didn't startle me however i looked up and said "why yes god father they are" and ran aroud to go hug him.

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