A Taste of the Past.

Aria and Harry have been friends for as long as they can remember although they both refuse to admit that they have feelings for one another. What happens when one wish changes everything? Will it be too late or will Harry find his way back to Aria's heart? Is it true that if two people really are in love they will always find their way back to each other or will someone come along and break fate's path?


2. Regret.

Harry's P.O.V:

Realizing how tired I had suddenly become, I trotted up the stairs, step by step and got into my freshly made bed, falling asleep almost instantly. I woke up the very next day with a text from Louis telling me to get ready for our signing. After getting ready I decided to send Aria a text asking her to meet me at Nandos. I had felt so bad, maybe I was changing although, I was a bit annoyed with her reply.

From: Ari<3- 'Who is this?'

I replied immediately.

To: Ari<3- 'Don't tell me your still mad at me that you deleted my number.'

Waiting for a reply I walked into the kitchen going into the fridge and filling a glass of  water. Then, my phone beeped.

From: Ari<3- 'Who the hell is this!?'

I sighed and replied,

To: Ari<3-  'It's me Harry. Harry Styles your bestfriend.'

Her next text surprised me most,

From: Ari<3- 'Yeah right, and I'm Megan Fox. Please stop texting me.'

I frowned. Fine she wanted to be left alone. Then I would do just that.

Walking out of the house I drove over to meet the boys before our signing. I couldn't help but have this feeling- this feeling of emptiness fill my heart. Why did it feel like someone had stomped all over my heart? Was Aria really that important to me? I took in a breath and tightened my grip on the wheel. Once I had arrived infront of Louis house I got out of my car walking to the door and knocking lightly.

"Hey mate,"  I sighed as Louis opened the door.

"What's wrong?" Louis asked, letting me in. We walked over and sat on the couch as I told the boys about my fight with Aria. After the story Zayn just stared at me, arms crossed.

"Harry, ever thought that maybe it was your fault? Mate, you have been a little different with her lately." He spoke, a hint of annoyance in his voice.

I glared at him, "What are you implying, Zayn?" I asked in a defensive tone.

Zayn put his hands up in defense, "I'm just saying, maybe if you would have payed more attention to her you would have seen what you had infront of you." He defended.

Louis stood up, "Guys, stop. What's done is done. Nothing we can do about it. I suggest you two stop arguing and make up." I just nodded yet neither me or Zayn spoke a word. Why did he care so much anyway?

"Uh guys, we should get going now. We do have a signing to get to." Niall stated while rubbing the back of his head. Heading out we drove off separately to the venue. Me, Louis and Niall in one car while Liam and Zayn took another. Once we made it to the signing I started to feet a bit bad, as did Zayn. I had already messed up one really important friendship and I wasn't planning on letting that happen again. Once Zayn and I were near each other, I apologized. "Zayn. I- I'm sorry. I just, I just don't know what's with me." 

Why, why did I have to make such a stupid mistake. I promised that he would never change and here I am breaking friendships like they were pencils. 

Zayn smirked, "I know Haz, forgive and forget." We shared a hug and sat down to begin the signing. I sighed, things might be going well with Zayn now but that's not the case with Aria. I grabbed my phone and dialed Aria's number. She answered on the second ring.

"Hey Ari," 

"Uh, hello. Who is this?" She replied, confusion in her voice.

"Look, I know we fought but you can quit the act now." I sighed. "I'm trying to say sorry here."

"I'm really sorry but I think you have the wrong number. I do hope you sort everything out with whoever it is that you're looking for. You sure do seem like a nice guy." She began mumbling to someone in the background. "I have to go now, bye."

She quickly said goodbye and hung up. Is she being serious right now? I just shook it off as the signing began. I was too out of it to actually pay attention to what I was doing, although I did manage to make our Directioners happy. They always put a smile on my face. I glanced up for a quick second to see how long the line was but something else caught my attention. Her. My heart was racing, her brown eyes with her matching brown half curled hair. The way she glistined in the sun. I felt a large smile creep onto my face. As soon as she walked up to the table I greeted her,

"Hello Aria!" I smiled, thinking that she forgot about the fight. She looked at me shock written on her face.

"How do you know my name?" She asked in a surprised voice.

I blinked, "Are you still mad at me?" I asked confused.

"Why would I be mad at you? I have no clue who you are." She said in confusion.

I let my jaw drop, "You don't? You don't know me?" I asked, the hurt clearly audible in my voice.

"No. All I know is that my friend dragged me here to get an autograph from you guys- oh now i know who you are!" She said with a smile. My lips formed a smile, "Your Harry Styles from One Direction." She giggled. I felt my heart break once more,

"Yeah. Nice to meet you. " I whispered close to tears.

She smiled, "Nice meeting you."

She went along to the rest of the boys, I just sat there, completely confused. I thought about what had happened. I wasn't paying attention but I heard Louis inviting her to hang out with us tomorrow. I jumped up and darted for home. Driving off quickly, I managed to make it home in fifteen minutes.

I looked around for the picture of us at the beach. I blinked, quickly running to the table that held the picture of us, the same one I had last night. To my surprise and confusion, the picture was no longer of me and Aria at the beach, it was in fact me and the boys at the beach.

I dropped to my knees, "No. No!" I yelled. Tears began falling freely down my face. This wasn't possible. "I didn't mean it. I want her back into my life!" I hit the floor with my fist. More tears streaming down my cheeks. "I just want her back." I cried. What have I done?

After the signing Louis arrived at my house. He had stopped and stood leaning against the door frame listening to my every word. He looked around the room. His gaze stopped at the clock. His eyes narrowed, "Hazza, I think your clock is broken." I jumped, unaware that Louis was even here. I looked at my clock, it read 11:11p.m. Then it all came to me.

The wish.

That's crazy because wishes don't come true, that's all a myth. But, how does Aria forget me? Maybe my wish did come true? Why did I make that stupid wish? I buried my head in my hands, repeating the wish over and over in my head. I cannot believe my wish just came true. 

"Louis! That's it!" I turned to him, "Lou, we got into an argumemt, she left and I was left alone. Then-" Louis cut me off,

"I know, I know. Then you looked at the picture and you made the wish.." He froze and then as if on cue, we both spoke in sync. "The wish at that time." I looked directly at Louis as if the secret of life had been revealed, "Be careful with what you wish for... literally." He whispered..

I sighed. "What have I done!?"

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