Sorta, Kinda, Maybe

It’s not like I don’t like him, because honestly, I do. His eyes are so adorable and when he smiles at me, I just want to scream. But he seems to have every other god damned girl thinking the same thing! They all just throw their skankiest clothes on and strut their nothingness in his face... Now, honestly, that’s how you win a rapists heart, not a ninteen year old boy. So yea, maybe I sorta, kinda, maybe like him, but there are no promises, it’s just an uber awesome friendship, for now, I hope. Sorta, kinda, maybe...

What happens when a new kid comes to Farmington? The itty bitty school, in the middle of nowhere, with a school that looks like the state prison. And why is he so mysterious? And why, oh WHY is he so irrisistible? Well, Felicity wants to know why she sorta, kinda, maybe has feeling for this guy, and why all the other girls do too!


2. Chapter Two: New seats, new teacher...

"Okay, I don't like any of you," was what I heard as I walked intot he room. The new student teaching Spanish teacher said, I already hated him, "I don't like little children, or in your cases, I don't like annoying highschoolers." I wanted to hold back the words that were on my tounge, but they slid out, "Who are you? May I ask?" I asked, my voce numb and bored. "I'm your new student teacher, Miss. Depp. And if you use that tone of voice with me again. I'll give you detentions for a  week." She snapped irritably. "Well, that's a great way to start out a year..." I grumbled, earning a glare before my original teacher, Senor Hitable, stepped up, "Okaaay," He said, "Senor Lutiana will be with us for the first two semesters of your highschool year." I could tell he already didn't like her. I pulled out my phone, boreed,


Dude, we got a new, dick Spanish student teacher!


I texted Liz, soon there was a reply but my phone was shoved into my bag by Niall, I opened by mouth to yell at him, but a shadow fell over my and I r ealized he did it because Senor Lutiana was standing there, "Excuse me!" Senor snapped, pushing through my arms which were extending towards Niall, seeing as the fact I was going to smack him in the head for hitting my phone. "You should probably hide your phone more when you text," Niall said, I opened my mouth to continue, "But I agree, Senor Lutiana is a dickhole." He agreed, blue eyes sparkling in amusment. I rolled my eyes at him, annoyed that he semed to be enjoying my anger. I picked up my phone and read the text,




I rolled my eyes, typing back quickly, Yeah, he made me late for Spanish, then decided to put his Irish ass next to me, then judge my texting. I replied, scoffing slightly. I looked up to see Niall laughing his head off while reading over my shoulder, "I didn't judge it, just told you to hide it." He said calmly. I just stared at him, "Why are you so calm? You just got mobbed by girls and now you're judging," I "Air-quoted" that word, "My texting, not to mention the fact you're also reading over my shoulder. So what's your problem?" I asked him, annoyed. His blue eyes just glimmered, "What's your friends name?" Niall asked, no doubt curious of how good looking she was, "Elizabeth McCance." I stated firmly, beginning to ignore his questions. He asked my things such as; What's your name? Why do you think I judge? Suddenly he spoke a different language, fluently I may add, considering it was me Senior yar I knew the words; ¿Por qué eres puta? ¿Me gusta? Hueles a mierda de perro ya sabes ... I snapped my head around, "You just told me I smell like fucking dog shit, and called me a bitch! Yes I dislike you!" I snapped in a hushed whisper. Niall smirked, and I couldn't help but study his face; blonde hair, styled up into a quiff, and blue eyes, his smile was cute adn he had white braces on his crooked teeth. I narrowed my eyes at him, "You're an asswipe, you know?" I muttered turning around. "What's your name?" Niall asked me curiously.


"Felicity." I stated simply before the teachers started rambling on.

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