Sorta, Kinda, Maybe

It’s not like I don’t like him, because honestly, I do. His eyes are so adorable and when he smiles at me, I just want to scream. But he seems to have every other god damned girl thinking the same thing! They all just throw their skankiest clothes on and strut their nothingness in his face... Now, honestly, that’s how you win a rapists heart, not a ninteen year old boy. So yea, maybe I sorta, kinda, maybe like him, but there are no promises, it’s just an uber awesome friendship, for now, I hope. Sorta, kinda, maybe...

What happens when a new kid comes to Farmington? The itty bitty school, in the middle of nowhere, with a school that looks like the state prison. And why is he so mysterious? And why, oh WHY is he so irrisistible? Well, Felicity wants to know why she sorta, kinda, maybe has feeling for this guy, and why all the other girls do too!


3. Chapter Three: You're annoying! Is that your middle name?

Niall continued to follow me to every class, I continued to ignore him. Suddenly, I hard a farmiliar scraming, "Fel," She yelled running up to me, "You know that's the new kid," She whispered, opening her mouth to continue, I clamped my hand over her mouth, "I've figured out, that if you don't speak to it, it won't spak to you, and I'm not speaking of or to it, so maybe it'll leave, too." I said, my golden-and-grey eyes trailing up his  body to his face. A smirk was plastered to it, "Hey, Felicity," Liz squealed, like HE KNOWS YOUR NAME!, "Is this the friend that thinks I'm so damn, fucking, sexy?" Niall asked, innocenntly. I turned my head and pulled Elizabeth down the school hall with  me. Turning my head I saw him leaning against some girls locker as he chuckled and laughed, while she giggled uncontrollably. I rolled my eyes and turned back to Lizzy, "Okaaaay," I said clamping  my hand over her mouth, "Do it." Elizabeth Marie McCance let out a loud, high-pitched scream, luckily this was a routine, and I knew she'd do that. After, she finished I continued to my class, Maths. I hated Miss. Summer. She was too perky. Too nice. And WAY too young. She was about our age, I may even be older. Not kidding. She's super smart so she became a highschool Maths teacher, and she's younger than the students! I walked into class to se her wearing some too tight, too skanky dress. And her tattoo on her back showing. I wonder how she can keep her job, since she never follows the dress code. I took a seat, Lizzy sitting beside me. A familiar blonde kid walked in. Imedeatly, his gaze raked over Miss. Summer's body and outfit, I snorted in unapproval. Liz had a lip stuck out and it was shaking, as if seh had just realzied Niall wasn't into her. I shook my head laughing, Liz was so emotional. Niall took a seat, once again, beside me, "Choose your seats well, they will be there for the rest of the school year, "I looked over at a grinning Niall, a groan escaped my lips. Great, I get to sit by Mr. Player all year. I thought irritably.

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