Sorta, Kinda, Maybe

It’s not like I don’t like him, because honestly, I do. His eyes are so adorable and when he smiles at me, I just want to scream. But he seems to have every other god damned girl thinking the same thing! They all just throw their skankiest clothes on and strut their nothingness in his face... Now, honestly, that’s how you win a rapists heart, not a ninteen year old boy. So yea, maybe I sorta, kinda, maybe like him, but there are no promises, it’s just an uber awesome friendship, for now, I hope. Sorta, kinda, maybe...

What happens when a new kid comes to Farmington? The itty bitty school, in the middle of nowhere, with a school that looks like the state prison. And why is he so mysterious? And why, oh WHY is he so irrisistible? Well, Felicity wants to know why she sorta, kinda, maybe has feeling for this guy, and why all the other girls do too!


4. Chapter Four: A date? No, we're just hanging out! Just for school.

Two weks later

Felicity's POV

Well, as I predicted, Niall isn't such a hotshot anymore. The sluts are still sluts, but most of the normal-ish girls are normal-ish again. I sat down next to Niall in my Spanish class,, Senor Luntinia had given me a weeks worth of detentions for asking if we had homework before the class began, what an ass. Oh, and there was a bomb-threat. But nothing happened, interesting, eh? Yeah, I called Niall's bluff, considering I dared him to do it. We are friends now, since not all of the girls are still flirting with him, he's not such an ass anymore. My thoughts were interrupted by Senor speaking, "Okay, brats," He said, "You have a group project." Senor pulled out his clipboard, "Delae, Fran, and Georgie. Hazel, Leo, and Jason. Annabeth, Piper, and Percy. Liam, Danielle, and Zayn. Harry, Louis, and Perrie. And Lastly adb least, Bailey, Niall, and Felicity." I inwardly groaned. Bailey had a thing for Niall, and she would definatly be flirting with him at my apartment. I looked over at Niall, "My place?" I asked, he nodded, then Bailey walked over, her brown hair up in a ponytail,wearing shorts adn a t-shirt, her perfum smelled like old-lady-ass, "hey, Niall. Want to work at my place?" She said. "Uh, no, we're working at my place. That way there will be no perfume gasses roming th air trying to ruin our brain-cells," I said, then glanced at Bailey, "Or whatever cells we have less." And with that the bell rang and I collected my books, leaving the classroom.

At Felicity's Apartment

Felicity's POV


I sat in my apartment waiting for th other two to come. They seemed to be late, until Niall walked past the window. I had a huge glass window and it was a foot up from the floor of my living room. The window was open wide, considering the Summer air. I realised Bailey was clung onto him, she now wore just shorts and a tank-top. I opened the door and scream Niall, he was intoxicated, beer was in the air, "You're a hoe," I told Bailey, who wasn't intoxicated, "A big hoe." I sai gesturing for them to come inside. "Awe, come on Fel, we just wanted some fun." I gagged and she smirked. I pulled out a jug of water and handed it to Niall, "We didn't do anything like that, don't worry, mom." Bailey said, being a bitch. I rolled my eyes and Niall began singing aimlssly, "Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up," He raised his leg, farting, "Whoo! That's bad." HE said smiling, Felicity laughed, but Bailey recoiled, "If you want to date him, yoy should get used to his gas." I said smiling. Bailey strut over to Niall, "Hey, we should get to work,"


Hours later

Niall's POV

I woke up in Felicity's bed, a headach and I smelled like, as Fel would put it, old-lady's-ass. Her room had a blue comforter and there were pictures on the walls of her and friends, in the middle was one of her and him. He smiled to himself. There was a big window, a picture of a man in his military uniform with a little girl, probably Felicity, sat in the window, surrounded by dead roses. He bent down and sstudied the picture, a frown etched his face, a letter lay beside the picture;

Dear Felicity,

We are sorry to inform you, your father, James Donovan, has passed away. He was drowned in a submarine. His body was never recovered. We will be holding a memorial for Mr. Donovan, if you want to attend you will be at the beginning of the memorial parade. We apologize for your loss. Sargent Donovan was a brave man.


                                    Seals of the U.S.


Niall almost broke down then and there, suddenly the door opened, Felicity walked in. Her black hair was up in a ponytail and she was wearing shorts and a shirt, "Heey you-" She stopped talking, probably because I had been so close to something this important to her, maybe afraid I'd break it. Another note caught my attention, written in baby letters.


Dear Daddy,

I'm waiting for you to come home, I mad you a pumkinpie for your birthday! Mommy helped me a little bit, but I did help too. I can't wait to see you again, I miss you so much, we'll be seeing eachother soon.


P.S. Mommy helped me write this. 

Attactched to the letter was a photograph of Felicity holding a pumpkin pie.                                                   


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