Sorta, Kinda, Maybe

It’s not like I don’t like him, because honestly, I do. His eyes are so adorable and when he smiles at me, I just want to scream. But he seems to have every other god damned girl thinking the same thing! They all just throw their skankiest clothes on and strut their nothingness in his face... Now, honestly, that’s how you win a rapists heart, not a ninteen year old boy. So yea, maybe I sorta, kinda, maybe like him, but there are no promises, it’s just an uber awesome friendship, for now, I hope. Sorta, kinda, maybe...

What happens when a new kid comes to Farmington? The itty bitty school, in the middle of nowhere, with a school that looks like the state prison. And why is he so mysterious? And why, oh WHY is he so irrisistible? Well, Felicity wants to know why she sorta, kinda, maybe has feeling for this guy, and why all the other girls do too!


1. Chapter One: New student, or new hottie

No, no, no, for the last time! Unicorn and dragons don't exist. Goddamn Liz! I replied to by bestfriend, Elizabeth's, text. When we get bored in class this is how we entertain ourselves. We text. Although, we sit right next to eachother, it's much more fun to do it this way. My phone buzzed, Three minutes left of this boring ass class! Woohoo! I just smiled and shoved by phone back into my pink-and-blue hobo bag. Liz was tapping her chin, no doubt in search of a dumb qustion she could use to get a detention. It was Thursday, which meant tomorrow was Friday, which also meant he family would be going to church, She raised her hand, "Mr. Colbard, do you have sex daily?" She asked, an innocent look on her face. Mr. Colbard's face was a shade of dark red "Would you like a detention, Miss. McCance?" He asked, in a low growl. "Oh, yes, Mr. Colbard!" She said, sounding much like the orphan from that movie, Annie. "Detention, you're serving tomorrow." He said. Liz lookd and me and smiled, fistpumping the air, I could tell she was thinking, Fuck church. I've got a detention, bitches.


The bell rang and Mr. Colbard gave Lizzy her detention, "Wow, Miss. McCance, you've astounded me at your Four-Month straight detention roll, shall we give you a reward?" I said in a deep manly voice. Liz laughed, "Wow, Fel, you've got a great Mr. Colbard imitation." Elizabeth sid punching my arm, lightly. I smiled and went to my organized locker. As my locker friend/neighbor, Jakob, came I watched him spin in his combo, and pushed it close with my hip. He just shook his head, smiling at me. It was a ame between us,whoever got to their locker first would either get their locker slammed or just wait for th eother person to leave. I collected my Spanish book and notebooks, walking towards Senor Hitable's class until I was slammed against a locker by a girl, "Move!" She squeaked, running towards a group of huddled girls who were screaming and talking in urgent words. At first  I half expected to see Justin Beiber or Michael Buble, personally I hoped it was Michael Buble, but the kid that emerged was a tall, blonde, with blue eyes, that darted around nervously, I felt pity for him, until the bell rang, then I looked for a way to get around the mob of girls without having walk back around the highschool. The boys blue eyes met mine and in an instant he was at my side pulling me the opposite of the girls, "What are you doing?!" I snapped, the blonde kid shook his head, "Please, help me! I need to get to Senor Hitable's class." I just nodded my head, "O-okay?" I shook his grip from me and began walking around the rectangular school until we came to the opposite end of the hall as the screaming girls. We arrived at the door of Senor Hitable's class, "Thanks for making me late," I paused waiting for a name, "Niall," His Irish accent said, "Thanks for making me late, Niall." I said walking into the class, as he followed.

(A/N Thanks for reading the begining of my fanfic! I'll update after one comment!;D)




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