If you're going to read this, you're going to delve into my thoughts, feelings, and most of all; my story. Of course you'll never know who I am. That's part of the deal. I use this as a tool to vent, to spill, somewhere to release all my thoughts that I ought not to have, and you will snoop, and pry, and wonder who this tale could possibly belong to. Of course I don't blame you. In fact, I welcome you.


2. My head

So, I'm laying in bed as I so often do. But I'm not on my laptop, reading a book or playing a game; I'm just thinking things over. There was no doubt about it, I was in love. And to make it worse, the guy I was so drawn to seemed so utterly and completely straight as a pin! And he knew I liked him somehow.


There was one thing I could tell, however. He was different to most other guys I've met; he seemed cheerful, insightful, yet adorably insensitive. So I developed a script in my mind, trying to compose the perfect love story, and every time I didn't reach a happy end I rewrote it. I was going to make him love me, no matter what it took.

The next day at school I sat back next to the new boy, the boy with the sunset-tinted hair and the inquisitive grey eyes.

"Hello again!" He exclaimed. He seemed happy to see me... Good start.
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