The Bodyguard's Daughter

Sarah Higgins is what people would call a no good emo kid who gets arrested and suspended from school, but one day a biology class prank turns into Sarah setting the school on fire. That is the last straw for Sarah's mom who never really loved her anyway. Sarah gets sent to go live with her father Paul Higgins until she turns 18 in 3 years, but Sarah doesn't know her father is the bodyguard of the biggest boy band in the world One Direction. Will Sarah self destruct because of all the drama that has been dumped on her or will she lose her mind from not being able to listen to her precious rock music or fall in love.... Which will it be????????


1. Set The School On Fire (Actually I did.)

(Sarah's P.O.V)

                "I am going to get in trouble for this but  could care less because that bitch pissed me the fuck off so I am going to set a small lab fire. Hehehe I am so evil that bitch will never see it coming." I thought.

               I went behind her desk and turned on the gas to the Bunsen burners while she was checking on the others. I slipped back to my work table and cut on my burner and grabbed a piece of paper and stuck it over the fire and waited for the flames to begin to tear through the paper. I was about to blow it out as soon as the fire alarm came on, but as I was blowing it out the girl in the table next to me knocked it out of my hand which basically set the whole science building on fire. 

*End of Flash Back*

             "That is how it all happened it was an accident. I swear. People should watch where they are going and stuff like this wouldn't happen." I said pleading my case to the principle. 

         Unfortunately she didn't want to here it as usual, but I didn't expect to get expelled from school. my mama is going to freak out on me when I get in the car. This sucks ass man. I hated school anyway now I don't have to go back, and they probably want me no where near the school anyway since I burned down the whole science building with one little piece of paper.

          "Time to start digging my grave." I though seeing my mothers car pull up to the curb.

          I may be tough and all, but everyone is scared of their mama so I am not the only one.

          She pulled up to the curb. I opened the door and got in my mama's Mustang GT. She had her mouth set in a line and she was not talking. That is never good. I am going to die because someone bumped into while I was holding a burning piece of paper. That makes a great saying to go on my head stone. I didn't realize I was planing my whole funeral in my head until I felt the car stop, and be put in park. i slowly got out of the car not wanting to face the certain death ahead of me. 

           I entered the house I didn't see my mother at all. I guess she is in her room finding which gun she wants to kill me with. I walked very fast up the stairs to my room. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw all my things packed into boxes and suitcases. I saw a note on my dresser it read.


Dear Sarah,

Your have caused nothing, but trouble since your first day on this Earth, and probably will till your last. I can't have a daughter that goes around setting things on fire because she didn't like what some one said to her or did to her. You are going to live with your father in England, and you are not coming back until you are 18 if you even choose to come back. I don't want you here anyway your just a waste of space and money that I had to put up with since I was 15. Your father Paul was more than willing to take you your whole life, well now he is going to get is wish. A taxi will be here at 8 pm tonight to come get you and take you to the airport. I don't want you to come back ever. I don't like you much less love you.

With Hate,


      That women is sending me to someone I have never met in my life, and they say Cherokee mothers are supposed to be the best in the world. I hate my mother really now. I wiped the tears that escaped my cheeks with my the back of my hand. I looked in the mirror. You could tell that I loved my heritage because I dressed like a Cherokee princess with my waist long brown hair, light brown eyes, the hippie head band going around my head to keep my hair out of my face, and my olive skin tone. I was also tall which most Native American women are tall and strong and some of the best fighters that their were even to this day. 

     I looked at my phone and saw that it was only 5 pm wow I have been starring at my reflection for 2 hours. I walked to my bath room and reached under the sink and pulled the tape off of my best friend. I saw the cool silver metal drop into my hand. I grabbed my sleeve and pulled it up to reveal my already scared wrist. I pulled the razor across my wrist and watched the scarlet blood drip into the water drip my drip. I cut until I felt the pain melt away. I ended up with 7 every deep cuts on my left wrist and 5 on my right. I cleaned and wrapped my wounds, by the time I was done and the people had taking my stuff and put it in a moving truck, and my suitcases in the taxi, and I grabbed my carry-on bag my backpack. 

      I throw my razor out of the window, and walked out the door. I looked at the house I lived in my whole life. The sad thing about it is that this house never became a home to me. Never. I actually hate this house because no one came see the self destruction that I went through in this house, and where it all happened.

      I got in the taxi, and didn't look back at the house again. I never wanted to. I stared out the window until we got to the airport. I got my 5 suitcases and put them on the luggage thingy, and went to board my plan to London, England. When I finally bored the plane. I went to sleep feeling as numb as I always do.

      I was woken up by a fight attendant that we had landed in London. Gosh I must have slept forever. I knew I could sleep, but not that long. I got off the plane and got off the plane and got through the fight security. I went to the waiting area because I know that he would probably forget about me because I am never wanted anywhere.


Hello, my Lovelies

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. If you didn't you are an irrelevant peasant in the words of Louis Tomlinson. 

So anyway

Love y'all


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