The Bodyguard's Daughter

Sarah Higgins is what people would call a no good emo kid who gets arrested and suspended from school, but one day a biology class prank turns into Sarah setting the school on fire. That is the last straw for Sarah's mom who never really loved her anyway. Sarah gets sent to go live with her father Paul Higgins until she turns 18 in 3 years, but Sarah doesn't know her father is the bodyguard of the biggest boy band in the world One Direction. Will Sarah self destruct because of all the drama that has been dumped on her or will she lose her mind from not being able to listen to her precious rock music or fall in love.... Which will it be????????


2. Meeting Daddy and The Boys

(Zayn's P.O.V)


               Paul was being a tab bit moody today after we decided to record another song while we were at the studio. Now he is practically dragging us to the car. I wonder where we are going.

              "Paul, what is going do you have a family emergency?" Liam asked.               

              Of course Liam is the person to ask that question. Liam's caring nature can get annoying sometimes it is always "are you okay?' or 'do you need something?'. That is all you ever here about of that boys mouth especially when he is around Danielle. 

               "No, Liam I have a family member coming from America. I lived there for a while, and my great-grandfather was American so I have family there. Thanks for your concern Liam." Paul said back to Liam looking at him through the rear view mirror.

                  So we are going to the airport. I pulled out my iPhone 4s and started looking at my twitter. I started to read some of the messages our fans sent me. I saw some really funny pictures, sayings, and inspiring. Some perverted things from some of the more out there fans. I didn't realized I had been reading the whole way to the airport. Niall had been eating something, Liam was on twitter talking to fans, and Harry and Louis were singing very loudly to 'My Heart Will Go On' while acting like they were a couple, and they wonder why some fans think they are gay.

                We got out of the car and followed Paul to the pick up place. He was looking around for someone that he did not see, and started walking again of course we walked behind him. 

(Sarah's P.O.V.)


               I had only been in the country 3o minuets and I have already know two cops life story, full names, and wife and kids. I must be on a roll of how may times I am going to jail before I am 18. This makes what 20 or 25. I have seem to lost count all I wanted was to sit down. It was not my fault that prep came and tried to hit on me not to mention he was 19. Way to old for me I can barely stand the boys back at home I don't think the are much different, and that is one thing I am going to hate about England. The boys are the same where ever you go assholes and the ones that are to good to be true and end up being gay.

            I was just sitting in the airports little police thingy. I was waiting I wounder if that women even told my father what I looked like or sent him a picture. I saw a man and five teenage boys walking the office I wonder what they could be here for. I saw the man jester toward the cell I was sitting in, and said some words to the cop and signed some papers and handed the cop some money. The cop walked to my cell, opened the cell, unlocked my hand cuffs, and brought me to the man and the five teen boys.

            "Hi, honey I am your father. You look even more beautiful than in the picture your mother sent me." The man said studying my facial expression.

             I was looking the man up and down. I was a little shorter than him, but I would soon be taller than him. He had on a security shirt and blue jeans. i looked behind him and all the boys where checking me out. Wait, have I seen them some where. I know I know them from some where, but I can place them right now.

            "Ummm. Hi, I guess. I am Sarah your daughter. I have never seen you in my life except for now." I said looking down at my shoes like they are one of my Black Veil Brides posters.

            "Their is no need to be shy, Love. I am Liam. That is Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. We are in the hottest boy band in the world called One Direction. Do you like our music?" He asked after introducing him self and the others.

              That is where I know them from they had a shirt in hot topic. Now, I remember everything.

              "I actually I don't listen to pop. I listen to rock music so I really never listened to your music, but I saw a shirt in hot Topic one day while I was in there shopping." I said looking at them.

               They actually looked kinda hurt by this, but they quickly got over it. I guess they will be fine.
                "Well, your stuff is already at the house. So, let me take those from you and we can go home." My daddy said grabbing my suitcase.

                I walked behind the boys going to my father's car. He parked in the front so there was not that much walking involved. I am glad because I am lazy and would have asked one of the boys to piggy back me to the car. My dad put my stuff in the back of the van while I was choosing a place to sit. I finally decided to sit in between Zayn and Liam. 

                 My dad started the car and Justin Beiber started playing on the radio. I saw most of the boys start dancing to the song. I quickly pulled out my iPod and stuck my headphones in my ear and started playing Sleeping With Sirens with the volume all the way up. I hated that little wanna be boy (ya know because he is a girl). One of the boys stopped dancing and looked at me with a funny expression on his face. It was the blonde one his name was Niall I think? 

                "Why are you not dancing? Everyone loves Justin Beiber!!" He practically screamed at me because he knew he couldn't believe that their are people who don't like Beiber.

                 "Well, I like people's music to actually mean something like Sleeping With Sirens and Black Veil Brides. Their music helps people and lets them know that  their are people who know what it feels like to be called a freak, emo, or whatever they may call you. Their music comes from the heart and how they feel and how they don't want their fans to feel the same way." I said. I say that same speech every time someone asks me why I don't listen to that mainstream stuff it is horrible and meaningless.

             The boys didn't ask me any more questions about my musical taste, but Liam was staring at me trying to figure something out. Then he broke the silence.

             "Sarah have you every been called those names?" Liam asked looking sincerely concerned. I know its all fake they just want to know more about me so they can stab me in the beak just like everyone else, and I have no more room for knives in my back anymore.

              "Yes, Liam I have. By the most unexpected people and expected even my mother." I said sadly looking at my hands.

            None of the boys said anything pretending they didn't hear that, but I know they did, and it may change their opinion of me.


Sorry for like the 3 month wait, but it has been a long 3 months with school and sports.

My basketball team went to state, and I am the starting pitcher for the softball team. So I have been super busy.

Hope you enjoy the story!!!!






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