How To Fall For The Flirt (1D)

"There Are 14 ways on how to fall for the flirt."
And 17 year old, Hazel Summers, was stupid for following them. Would she succeed and live a happy ending with Harry? Or would she fail and live a miserable ending? Not everyone has happy endings.


3. Step 2

Step 2-> Find Out Who He Really Is (Part Two To Step 1,,,, Kinda)



"Ouch!" I said as I fell on my bum. "You okay love?" Harry asked me chuckling. I pouted at him and grabbed his hands. "Aww, is Wittle Hazel sad?" I pouted at him again. I smirked and pretended to cry . "What's wrong?" He asked me. "This" I said pushing him to the ice and trying to run away, tripping on the way.  I fell, but this time on my face. "AGH!" I Screamed in pain. I heard Harry laughing his arse off, I scoffed and felt something trickling down my face. I put my hands on my nose and felt liquid, I looked at my hands to see blood on my fingers. Harry then came over and as soon as he saw my face he gasped and bit his lips trying to hold back a laugh. "Are you okay?" He asked me. "Yeah ! Im Fine ! I Just have water flowing down my face, oh and it's red too! It's so cool!" I said sarcastically. He rolled his eyes and chuckled. "C'mon, lets get you outta here." He whispered. I smiled at him and how caring he kinda was. He lifted me bridal style which kinda surprised me, I didnt like to be carried this way, but, oh well. He opened the passenger door and carefully dropped me on the seat. "You know I can walk right?" I told him. He nodded and winked at me. "I Know" He mumbled. He went to the driver's side and started the car whilst buckling his seat. After about 30 minutes of silent, we got to a big house. "Where are we? This house is big enough to fit my whole family, and let me tell you, I have a BIG Family" I told him. "My house" He told me smiling. "ONLY YOURS!?" I whisper shouted. He nodded and my jaw dropped. "Lou moved in with Eleanor" He told me. My eyes were still fixed on the house, how big and beautiful it looked, it's like as if a princess lived here. "Cmon, lets go in and fix your nose" He grabbed my wrist and dragged me inside. As we got in, the warm air hugged my body. "wow" I said taking in the beautiful pictureque. It looked as if it was painted. But It was made to life. It was fancy, but not too fancy. "Close your mouth, a fly might get in." Harry teased. I pouted and he followed him to the couch. "Sit here, Im gonna go get some ice and tissue." He ordered. As he walked away, I plopped down on the couch and admired his house, looking at all the beautiful details. Soon enough, Harry came back with an ice pack and a towel. He laid my head back and told me to close my eyes, I felt the cold ice pack touch my skin and I shook. "It's okay, it's just ice" He told me. I felt liquid going down my nose still, but less than before. Harry grabbed the towel and gently rubbed under my nose. I Smiled at his touch.. "Feeling Better Yet?" He asked me. I nodded and he took off the towel. After A Little I felt okay, and the bleeding had stopped. "So, do you live alone?" I asked him. He nodded and said "Forever alone" My eyes lighted up as I thought of an idea. "Wanna play 21 questions?" I asked him and he nodded. "You go first" He told me. I obeyed him and asked the first question. "What's your whole name?" 

"Harold Edward Styles, yours?" 

"Hazel Zariah Summers, your turn."

"When's your birthday?" He smiled at me.

"August 4, and yours?"

 "February 1, your tu-" Harry was cut off by a ring of a bell. He went to go open it and it took him awhile til he got back. "Who was it?" I asked him. "No one." He grumbled. I furrowed my eyebrows at him. "Are you sure Haz? You know you can talk to me about it." He shook his head and stubbornly said "Im fine" We sat there for what seemed like forever. "Im sorry" He apologized. I looked at him in confusion. "I guess it's fine." I mumbled. "Can you keep a secret?" He told me. I nodded and he sighed. "You know that I uh," He scratched the back of his head and continued, "I used to go out with alot of women older than me." I nodded. "And I just want to tell you, if ever... y'know, there's us..... It wouldnt really work." I was taken aback by what he said. So everything, the date, it wouldnt work? "No! I meant, we wouldnt last long because, you probably wont be able to stand me... I get jealous easily and Im not the person that you see right now." Have I been talking out loud? "Yes" Well shit. He chuckled and I sighed. "I dont know Harry, maybe we should think before we actually take things serious. He nodded and we just sat there in pure awkward silence

Wow, I havent been here in the longest.Im sorry if this chapter sucked. I promise it'll be better next and also I promise to update tommory If I dont, I'll make it up to you guys by updating 2 times on monday :3 Love you my Be-YOU-tiful directioners. Stay fab.

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