How To Fall For The Flirt (1D)

"There Are 14 ways on how to fall for the flirt."
And 17 year old, Hazel Summers, was stupid for following them. Would she succeed and live a happy ending with Harry? Or would she fail and live a miserable ending? Not everyone has happy endings.


2. Step 1


I changed her last name!!!!!!!

Step 1 -> Get To Know Him...


I hopped off Sylvia's car and scurried to my front door looking for my keys. After 10 minutes of struggling I got frustrated and dropped on my bum. "AGH! I GIVE UP!!" just then I felt something underneath me. My keys. Really Hazel!? I stood up, pat myself, and carefully opened the door, hoping not to wake up my cousins that lived with me. I tiptoed my way to the kitchen and bit an apple. Mm, so sweet! I walked to the living room and saw Giselle, my cousin thats the same age as me, sleeping on the couch. Bags under her eyes. And my cousin Charisse, that's older than me, on the couch next to where Giselle was. I took my MacBook Pro and typed in my password. Scrolling down on my twitter. I typed in 'Harry Styles' And stalked him a bit. I decided to follow him, until my phone interrupted me. 

From ; Blocked Number
Hey, it's Harry. What time should we meet? (: X

To ; Harryy (;
Your choice :)

From ; Harryy (;
6:30 ?

To ; Harryy (; 
Okay x

I looked at the clock. 5:30. Oh No, only one more hour! I took a quick 20 minutes shower and dried myself. I picked my clothes. A scoop neck sweatshirt that's gray and had 'Hakunamatata' written on it, I picked some kind of tribal, and winter looking leggings. I quickly put them on and checked the time. 6:04 Harry Could be here soon. I dried my hair and straightened it, putting heat protector first and silk. I sure hope Harry's not taking us somewhere fancy. I did my usual make up, Foundation, Settling Powder, Liquid Eyeliner, Eyeliner, Blush, Mascara, Lip Liner, And Lipstick. I Know it may sound too much, but I'm a girl, with alot of insecurities. Just Then I heard the doorbell ring, Harry's here! I heard the door open while I was putting my scarf on. I quickly put on my infinite scarf and my coat. I descended down the stairs and was greeted by Harry, And Giselle, freaking out. "Bye Gigi!" I joked with her and smiled. She cut her eyes at me. "You look hot!" Harry greeted me. I smiled at him and we all stood there for a bit. Awkwarddd. Giselle left to go to the kitchen and Harry killed the silence. "Ready?" He asked me. I cleared my throat and nodded. "Let me go get my boots" I told him, he nodded and waited down the stairs by the doors. I quickly got my brown uggs and ran to Harry. "Let's go" i told him. As soon as he opened the door, the cold air hit my face, which sent shivers down my spine. I shivered a bit, and I guess he noticed as soon as his hands were around me hugging me tightly, his warm body next to me. There were sparks and butterflies all over the place. I felt my stomach lighter, my smile a bit bigger, and my eyesight a bit brighter. Stop Haze, Calm yo tits down! You barely know him ! Or Atleast, I'm about to get to know him.




"Where are we going Harry?" I asked him, still gazing out the window. "It's a surprise," He told me. I shrugged. "So, tell me about yourself" He told me. "Umm like what?" "Just, give  me a little introduction." "Well, um, My name is Hazel Summers, Um, My favorite color is blue?" Harry just nodded. "Well, My birthday is On Valentine's Day, and I love music, and I play the ukulele. " Harry gasped and looked at me as soon as we got to a stop. "Niall plays the guitar! That's kinda the same!" he told me. I smiled and nodded. "Now, tell me more about yourself." I told him. "Well, My name is Harry Styles, I'm in a band, called one direction, my favorite color is orange, I love to sing, and I love cats, in fact I actually have one" He said with a confident smile. I giggled and looked at him. "I like cats, they're cute" I told him. The rest of the car ride was still silent. I hummed silently and after what seems about half an hour, we finally got there. I saw that it was an ice skating rink. I gasped. "I LOVE TO ICE SKATE!" I told him. He laughed and hopped off the car. I was about to open the door, until Harry opened it for me. I smiled at him and hopped off too, and we were off to the rink.




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