How To Fall For The Flirt (1D)

"There Are 14 ways on how to fall for the flirt."
And 17 year old, Hazel Summers, was stupid for following them. Would she succeed and live a happy ending with Harry? Or would she fail and live a miserable ending? Not everyone has happy endings.


1. Awkward Moments And Stranger Danger


"Oh My Gosh, It's H-H-H-H.... HARRY STYLES! AGHHHHH!!!!!" A Girl screamed from across the mall pointing to where me and my best friend, Silvia, were at. "Harry Styles?" I asked Silvia turning to her. She shrugged and we both looked behind. A boy with brown curly hair, and mesmerising emerald eyes was walking. He smiled at me and showed his dimples. I guess that's Harry Styles? He's Kinda attractive . "Let's go Haze, I Wanna see that cute bag at claire's" Silvia literally dragged me up to the escalator. "Sil, slow down" I told her. As we got on top we hurried to Claire's, well Silvia did, I was just walking slow. "It ain't gonna grow legs and leave ya know?" I told her, obviously pointing out the obvious. She rolled her eyes at me. We finally were at claire's, we walked in and I saw the most cutest necklace ever. It was a necklace with glasses hanging and a Mustache. As I was walking, I saw a stand that had 'One Direction' On it. I examine their faces and a familiar one came in mind. The same one I saw a few minutes ago. What was his name? Henry? No Harry, Yeah that's him. I took one of the books and looked in it. I turned to The chapter that said 'Harry Styles'. 

Full Name; 

Harold Edward Styles 

Known As "The Flirt" Of One Direction. 


February 1 1994 (18) 



I Got bored at his bio so I closed it and kept walking. I saw that Silvia Was finally at the check out so I left and waited outside. As I was walking out, some guy running ran into me. I hit my butt and stood up. "Im sorry love" He whispered. "It's fine just watch where you're going" He nodded and I took in his appearance, it was Harry. "What's Your name?" he asked me. "Hazel" I told him. He nodded, "I like your name" He muttered. "Thanks" I mumbled. I rubbed my butt and pat my legs. "Listen, um I know we've just met and, this is kind of awkward but, would you like to catch a meal sometimes?" He asked me with his oh-so-adorable deep accent. I viciously nodded. He gave me his number and left. "Catch ya later love" He said waving goodbye. I smiled at him and he smiled back. "Be careful" Someone from behind me came, she had caramel mixed with brown highlights hair that was wavy, and she looked like she was in her 30's. "Why?" I asked her confused. "He's a flirt, a womanizer, he'll date you for a couple days then leave." She replied. I nodded "um, okay?" "OH MY GOD IT'S CAROLINE FLACK, YOU UGLY BITCH!" Someone shouted, how rude. The girl ran away and Silvia came back. "Hey" I greeted her. "What was that?" She asked me. I shrugged, "Let's go?" I suggested. She nodded and we left the mall.



Another book! Dont be a silent reader please (/.\) I Know happening too fast, but pwease, bare with me :(

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