Pinch Me (One Shot)

"Please don't wake me up, I never want to leave this dream."


1. Pinch Me


I tried to make myself sleep to at least 6:30 but I couldn't, the adrenalin coursing through my veins kept me up. 

"Big big big day!" My best friend, practically my sister, Dylan burst into my room, tinging her voice with a British accent as she threw open the curtains, flooding my curtains with early morning light. 
"I can't believe you just pulled a Hunger Games quote out on my wedding day." I rolled my eyes as I climbed out of bed, I appreciated the comical line, she knows me too well.
I walked out into the kitchen, my soon-to-be-mother-in-law was sitting at the dining table admiring the white material shrouding it. I smiled finally realising what was to happen that day.

The giant oak double doors opened and music began flowing from the speakers. The church hall rose in quick succession and I felt everyones eyes on me. As I rounded the corner to start down the aisle I saw the 5 groomsmen, the celebrant, my mother and almost-parents-in-law standing in the front row. Tears were cascading down my mothers face, I couldn't help but widen my smile. Reluctantly my father released me from the iron grip he had on my arm. Stepping up the short staircases I handed my bouquet to Dylan and turned to face my fiancé. In that moment nothing else mattered, I left my shakiness with my bouquet and focused only on the pair of gorgeous blue eyes infront of me. We said our vows, slipped on the very expensive and rather splendid rings, the service flew by. 
"Do you, Niall James Horan, take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife?" 
"I do."
"Do you, Ollie May French, take this man to be your lawful wedded husband?" as if he needed to ask.
"I-" I whipped my head around, my veil dragging across my back, where was that beeping coming from? Oh it's just my alarm clock, nothing to worry about. Wait, why was my alarm clock at my wedding? Why was it so dark? And then it hit me. It wasn't my veil dragging across my back, it was my duvet, I was buried in it. A wave of despair washed over me. I wasn't about to become Niall Horan's wife, I am a 16 year old girl that is to be alone on Valentines Day again. Why did I have to wake up?

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