The world is dying.
Falling to pieces, but maybe,
Just maybe,
Love can put it back together.
Or will hate tear it apart?
Good must arise.


1. Prologue

"...and the latest news, people under the age of sixteen have been disappearing left and right, please take precaution—"

The screen turned black. Shanon turned around, her husband holding the remote.

"Honey, don't watch that. Everything will be okay, Ramona will be fine, it's all going to be all right." Eric walked over to the couch, holding onto his wife. Between them lay their newborn, Ramona Carter.

Shanon smiled weakly, cradling her daughter as they both fell asleep.

Eric put his hand to his wife's forehead. Cursing quietly, he walked to the other room, looking for any medicine. None. Nothing left, only an empty bottle.

She had been sick too long, and was getting worse.

But he would do anything for his daughter, for his wife.

He walked outside.

The sky was still a purple gray, no sign of the sun. It had been that way for two weeks. No moon, no sun, nothing. It's like the planets had disappeared. It made no sense to Eric.

A blood curdling scream came from inside.

Eric's eyes widened. "Shannon! What's going on?! Ramon—" He skidded into the living room.

No one was there.
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