it's not meant to be or is it?

Vanessa Delgado is not your normal girl. She lives in florida, she is part spainish on her mothers side and part british, and goes to school where all girls go crazy over the famous boy band One Direction but the thing is that she's not so 'in love' with them but her best friend kim is. Even though she hates , yes she hates One Directon her best friend still chooses to take her to the One Direction concert. What will happen when Vanessa goes to the concert?


1. Chapter 1

Vanessa POV

I wake up to the sun shine hitting my face. "ughh" I moan. I dont wanna do to school and with all the directioners in  the school. Isn't the cherry on top? I HATE One Direction and sadly my WHOLE school is covered in directioners. Why can't i just be home schooled? Life would be so much easier.


I get up and go shower and pick out my outfit for school. Thank God i'm in the last year of school till college. I thought I'd should wear purple skinny jeans and a red tank top with black pok-a-dots and to top it off I choosed to wear a jean jacket. Once i was happy with my outfit I dont wear make so that wasn't a problem.


 I went downstairs to get my food and ate it all quickly and hopped in my car and drove off. Once I got in my car Live While We're Young came on and almost in a milsecond changed the radio. Like I said I hate One Direction! Once I got at the school parking lot I saw Kim my best friend running towards me. Oh yea she's one of them the DIRECTIONERS!!! Its a suprise that im best friends with her but she knows I dont like them so we are never on the topic.


" Vanessa!" Kim yelled in my ear , "what!" I yelled the same way she did. We both giggled. I have tickets to a concert and I dont want to go by myself PLEASE PLEASE come with me! and if you dont say yes just think of me getting kiddnapped or rape !" she said quickly out of breath. "ok I will just what kind of concert is it?" I said and there was a very very long pause until kim said " Its gonna be outside so wear something comfy but pretty ok?" I giggled so did she. I nodded. She is so DRAMATIC! but I gotta love her.


The whole day was trying and it was very 'nice' went I walked pass two directioners screaming about something to do with a concert. They are so weird and annoying I thing its sad that they fangirl over them it's not like they are ever gonna meet them. I wanted to go over there and slap the both of them but I thought I should be kind to just let it go and walk away.


Thank God the day was over I could not handle more school and it was a good thing that my parents were out of town. Once I got home I got out of my school outfit and changed into my Pj's Yes I know I'm lazy and proud of it! So after i was done changing I went downstairs and plopped down into the couch and thought I would watch Finding Nemo. Yes I know how old I am but I love Nemo he's so cute.


After a while I went to my room and fell asleep but the thing that was on my mind was what am I gonna wear to the concert? But I couldn't sleep so I thought I would text Kim what should I wear cause she has seen my clothes and is kinda a fashion freak truth be told she knows whats in and whats out in the fashion seasons so you see why I would text her.

Me: Hey Kimki I can't sleep so Im thinking of what outfit I should wear to the concert HELP!!!!! xx

Kimki: I will be there to help you but I wanna sleep so good night! bye love you xx

Me: Aww meanie im bored thanks and I hate you!!! :p xx

Kimki: Love you too!! <3 xx

I was still up so I thought I'd watch some TV so I did. I clicked and clicked and clicked i saw nothing good to watch so I stopped and it was just my luck that one direction was on. Great. I thought I was watching the curly hair one flirt with the host and oddly she was falling for him. I rolled my eyes and thought to my self ' why can't girls have some self control like me.' But I still watched cuz I WAS THAT BORED! The host ask if all of them were single. ' Well im taken and happy with that' said the one with a buzz cut hair do ' same here' said a guy in the back ' Im not' said the one with the curly hair which I can tell he will try to flirt with her ' I am' said the one with a weird hair do that looks like a puppy dog it was funny 'I am not ' Said the one with the irish accsent. I have to say he was kinda cute. What im I talking about they are stuck up and heartless jerks!


And with that I left to go to sleep. Stupid jerks. I thought to myself. I guess that thought put me right to sleep.


this is my first book so please be nice Thanks love You all night night.

:)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)

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