After Michelle's mom dies her dad goes into a depression for years. But when he comes out of it will everyone wish he didn't? When her nightmares get worse is there anything she can do to stop her fathers rage? Will her siblings believe her or leave her, she must find the truest form of life before hers is swept away like so many before her. Life is a puzzle.


2. Will the depression end?

I didn't say a word for weeks, my friends and family were worried. All I could think was the last words I had said to her "well if Johnny is more important with his stupid meet then go ahead and leave me here alone!" She had been so angry she was yelling at me for being selfish. I know that I have five siblings but I'm the youngest, they have already had plenty of years with her. Even now as I'm writing this I can only remember bits and pieces and my sisters and brothers look at me with pity, like they had such a better childhood. Maybe that was true but they didn't have to act all high and mighty.

We are all so similar even though I have two half siblings, Lily and Vincent. Our parents both had a kid before they were married to each other. Lily has this rocking head of hair that reminds me of mom she had locks like that. It made me so jealous, she had so much in common with our mom all I have are her eyes, which is pretty much the only pretty thing about me. I have lips that are slightly too small and a nose too big, my hair is a dirty blonde mop that has absolutely no volume. It just lays flat on my head, Lily always tries to spoof it up some but it is impossible to do anything to my hair without several cans of hairspray.

Vincent is like dad he has dark black hair and strong bold features my friends think he is cute but he looks way too much like my dad. He has a sort of awkward body shape, he's a little chubby in the middle but his face is as thin as a corpse. Johnny is the doctor of the family and has legs that can swim as fast as a fish, he has dark eyes and a long pale body with immense upper body strength. Surprisingly he is only a year older than me. Lauren is twenty two and loves her freedom she travels the globe on work business, she's a geologist and the only one in her office that loves the travel. She's been wanting to get away since the day she was born.

Then there's Derek my twin brother, he looks more like mom he has her hair and her nose, we both have her eyes. But we still have some drastic differences, he is built like an ox. He is seriously the biggest kid at school, once someone called him no-neck and he broke their nose. He has, well, depending on how you look at it, a really grating personality or a super defensive one. If he's in a fight with someone you'd better be the one cheering him on or only I can make him back down. It's not easy especially because he is like a whole foot taller than me. Before I knew anyone at school and some guy said that I was a slut Derek knocked him out and my now friends thought he was my really defensive boyfriend.

It's been a month ten days and six hours since I found out she had died and I haven't spoken since. I wonder if I will be able to do that years from now, remember even how many hours it was ago. Well I mainly hope that I will be able to say something without starting to cry. Derek told me that if I didn't start talking Dad was going to make me go to therapy. I tried to talk, honestly I did, but even when I practiced in the mirror all I could do was mouth words. If I attempted to let the words spill out all that came was heavy sobs. Partially for her but mostly just self regret, which made me cry even harder.

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