After Michelle's mom dies her dad goes into a depression for years. But when he comes out of it will everyone wish he didn't? When her nightmares get worse is there anything she can do to stop her fathers rage? Will her siblings believe her or leave her, she must find the truest form of life before hers is swept away like so many before her. Life is a puzzle.


1. Of course. It happens to me

I was told, I was shown, I was involved. I couldn't forget it, only remember it because I had understood it. That day was was the biggest of my life, Tuesday, December 4, 2007; but also the worst.


I had just left school yelling goodbye to my friends as they walked in the opposite direction. I made it maybe 3 minutes before my sisters SUV pulled up next to me. She screamed at me to get in while tears paved down her face. I quickly got in trying to calm her but she was already speeding down the road away from our house. "What's wrong? What's going on?" Even in my memory I sounded weak. "Mom, s-sh-she was out d-dr-driving, s-stopped for the light and t-th-they tried to t-t-take her c-c-car. S-sh-she fought back b-b-but the-they sh-shot her." She choked out between sobs that racked her body. I couldn't manage even to ask if she was alright. But it was clear she didn't know either. We raced to the hospital at break neck speeds and amazingly no cops tried to stop us. When we arrived at the hospital our whole family was there there were no more seats in the waiting room left so several stood. Our grandparents were there along with Uncle Mark, Aunt Betrice and their six kids, also Uncle Andrew, Aunt Sharon and their eight kids. Dad arrived seconds after us, but we were all too late, she had died on the table. What was our broken family to do?

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