After Michelle's mom dies her dad goes into a depression for years. But when he comes out of it will everyone wish he didn't? When her nightmares get worse is there anything she can do to stop her fathers rage? Will her siblings believe her or leave her, she must find the truest form of life before hers is swept away like so many before her. Life is a puzzle.


4. Nightmares

I'm in a dark room, I can't even see my hands in front of my face. As far as I can tell there aren't any widows, or for that matter doors as I feel my hands along the wall. I'm about halfway through searching and a door behind me opens, I can see surgeons rushing about over a body, assistants ready with equipment. I watch the heart monitor, as soon as I stepped foot inside the door it fell to a flat line, the person was dead. I sat in an unoccupied seat and watched, knowing what would happen next was going to be important for some reason. Just then the person on the gurney sat up. It was mom, but not mom; I called out to her and ran toward her as she was lifted into the ceiling and through it. I was shocked, I looked down just to see her body still on the table, a silent tear trekked down my face.
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